March Madness: Terry Norvelle Style

March Madness is in full swing and Terry Norvelle has some thoughts on the craziness that is March Madness. Check out the latest from Norvelle as he probes into the wackiest time of the year and may want to make it even wackier.

-Want to make March Madness even better? Eliminate the #16 and #15 seeds. That's right contract the tourney by 8 teams and it would be off the chart. As it stands now even with two #15 seeds winning last year there are still 8 throw away games almost every year. #1 seeds are 116-0 all time vs. #16 seeds and #2 seeds are 110-6 all time vs. #15 seeds. If the tourney had #1 seeds opening up vs. #14 seeds there would be upsets…guaranteed! That would be must see TV.

-Another reason to be thankful that it is UF having this incredible season and not a traditional "blue-blood" college basketball program. If it were; Duke, NC, Kentucky, Indiana etc. I think Dick Vitale and the boys may have imploded.

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-Sure I loved the old Big East basketball conference of the 1980's as much as anyone. And the "Requiem for the Big East" college basketball documentary is an excellent piece on the subject. It really points out what a meat-grinder that conference was and how much tougher it was from other college basketball conferences….You know kinda like the SEC is in football EVERY YEAR.

-Two things that I wish the national analysts would point out if Florida was to end up facing Kansas in the Tournament. 1. UF has already beaten the Jayhawks this season and 2. UF would have a body type that would match up with Joel Embiid in a potential rematch in Chris Walker who did not play in the first Florida vs. Kansas game.

-Still hard to believe that the state of Indiana went 0-10 putting teams into March Madness this year.

-Even with the occasional "freshman" play I think Kasey Hill, from the opening dribble of the season back in November till today, has improved more that anyone on the roster. Remember, don't compare him to Scottie Wilbekin of today but rather Scottie Wilbekin 3 years ago….trust me Kasey Hill will be fine running the point next year.

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