Practice Observations: March 21 Offense

The Florida Gators conducted their second practice of the spring on Friday and as they await putting the pads on we can draw some observations from non-hitting drills. Visibility was a little limited as the Coaches' Clinic was going on and most of the real action took place on a field farther away, but we did see some things to take notice of. Here are some observations of the offense from Friday.

We can start with the quarterbacks. Jeff Driskel looked a little more with it on Friday. On the first day of practice he was missing in all kinds of ways, the ball seemed to slip a bit from his hands at times and others he just floated things too much. He seemed honed in on the short throwing game on Friday and threw it a little better. He still has his issues with focusing on one receiver, but the short passing game should be something good for him.

Sophomore Skyler Mornhinweg started the day pretty rough. He was lost in the early reps in practice, but by the time they got around to the 7on7 drills, Mornhinweg may have had the best reps of any of the quarterbacks. It was a little surprising to this viewer and something we will have to monitor going forward. He hit one nice skinny post on the left hash during 7on7 and it really looked like one of the stronger armed quarterbacks throwing it.

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Will Grier continues to throw the ball well. He gets a little complacent every once in a while in the short passing game and was picked off once and a pass broken up in the short game too. But, he throws a beautiful deep ball. One thing to notice about this offense is that they are using the short passing game a lot, but Roper does like the sideline fade pass, and it appears that is a real strength of Grier who has hit a few in the first couple of practices.

Again with no pads and most of the offense vs. defense action taking place on the far field it was hard to get too much out of the running backs. One thing I did note was Adam Lane in the passing game. He caught a few and got big yards on the catches. I am a big fan of Lane, and he is another one to watch.

Alvin Bailey continues to impress with his intermediate to long middle of the field game. Ahmad Fulwood made a beautiful over-the-shoulder grab on a deep fade in 1on1's. Two guys I didn't notice yesterday made some noise today when sophomore Chris Thompson took a couple of short routes including a crosser for quite a distance. The other was redshirt freshman Marqui Hawkins who was making plays in the 10-15 yard range. The best thing to like about this receiver group is the competition right now and that all of them seem to be getting after it.

I have to give a shout out to senior tight end Tevin Westbrook. He has changed his body quite a bit and is much leaner than he was a year ago. This offense calls for the tight end to flex out and Westbrook certainly looks faster and more adept and running routes and getting down field. He seems to have moved ahead of fellow senior Clay Burton. Freshman DeAndre Goolsby is coming hard, but still behind the others. He certainly looks the part out there and although not quite as big as Westbrook and Burton, he plays a physical game.

I have nothing from the offensive line except at watching some of the guys on the hoof. I don't know if Cody mentioned it yesterday, but Chaz Green has really remade his body. You get a glimpse of #75 during the stretch period in the video, but he has no gut at all, which is new for him. There was talk of him moving to guard and I always thought he had a guard body type, but man he looks like a tackle now.

I also really like the look of Trenton Brown. He's another guy that has lost some bad weight and should allow him to really make an even bigger difference this year. I really think the tackles are in good hands with Green, Brown, and D.J. Humphries.

My favorite freshman lineman so far is Roderick Johnson. He looks like an animal. I can't wait to see him with pads on.

Offensive Player of the Day: This was a tough one because of lack of a real look and a few guys kind of made positive moves. I will go with Will Grier. He's got a beautiful deep ball and he can zip in there when he needs to. He has some adjustments to make to the speed of the game, but so far he seems right on track to do big things at Florida.

One from the other side: I was happy to see redshirt freshman Marcell Harris seem to bounce back from a tough first day on Wednesday. Harris was at the wrong end of a couple of coaches' tirades two days ago, but on Friday he seemed to be flying around and making some plays. He has primo size for a safety and is one they will depend on in the near future.

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