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FightinGators.com talks again with Mark Wise, the College Basketball Analyst for the Gator Radio Network , ESPN, FOX, and other prominent outlets. Wise knows this Gator basketball team as well as anyone in the industry and has a well-rounded resume in 2013-14 logging over 60 games on the season. The Gators play the Dayton Flyers in the Elite-8 Saturday and Wise answers questions about the contest.

Florida is a heavy favorite for the game on Saturday. The Gators are the only team in the four games left that are double digit favorites according to the Las Vegas odds. The top seeded Gators will take on the 11th seeded Dayton Flyers and are looking to get past the round that has been their nemesis for the last three seasons.

The game fields a matchup of teams that have somewhat similar styles on offense and go deep into the bench.

For reference on some of the questions and answers, here are the projected starters for both teams…


G Khari Price (So., 5-11) 6.4 Points/game; 1.4 Reb.; 1.8 Asst.
G Jordan Sibert (R-Jr., 6-4) 12.5 PPG; 2.3 Reb; 1.5 Asst.
F Devin Oliver (Sr., 6-7) 11.9 PPG; 7.5 Reb.; 2.4 Asst.
F Dyshawn Pierre (So., 6-6) 11.0 PPG; 5.6 Reb; 1.5 Asst.
C Matt Kavanaugh (R-Sr. 6-10) 5.7 PPG; 3.5 Reb; 0.8 Asst.


G Scottie Wilbekin (Sr., 6-2, 176) 13.1 PPG; 3.9 Assists.
G Michael Frazier II (So., 6-4, 199) 13.1 PPG; 3.5 Reb.
F Casey Prather (Sr., 6-6, 212) 14.2 PPG; 4.9 Reb.
F Will Yeguete (Sr., 6-8, 230) 4.9 PPG; 5.1 Reb.
F Patric Young (Sr., 6-9, 240) 10.9 PPG; 6.3 Reb.

Q. Does Drayton have a similar offensive style to Florida?

Mark Wise: "They are a quick ball movement team and great at making the extra pass. The dangerous thing with them is they play so many different bodies. You don't know where or who might go for double figures. They have 12 different players that have gone for double figures. One happened last night in Pollard. He went for 12. He averages 2.7 and goes for 12.

From that standpoint they are difficult to scout because they play so many bodies. Here in the tournament they shot the three-ball so well, so I think guarding the three-point line will be critical."

Mark Wise

Q. Patric Young's game on Thursday against UCLA, is that something to worry about?

Mark Wise: "Any time that Patric Young gets in foul trouble it's because he's helping others. He never gets fouls at the point of attack, he is fouling trying to erase someone else's mistake in rotation. From that standpoint I think he just let that get to him. I don't foresee it being a problem. Because if there is anything that this team has done whether it is Michael Frazier's shooting, Casey Prather's turnovers, or Kasey Hill's missed free throws. They have seemed to be able to bounce back and their resiliency has been impressive all year."

Q. With Dayton not really having that star player that takes over a game for them, does that play into the hands of a Florida team that continuously plays unselfish defense?

Mark Wise: "The difficult part will be is that Dayton has so many guys that can drive it to the rim. They don't necessarily drive it to the rim to score, but they drive it to the rim to set up others. If they are able to penetrate and attract defenders, it makes it difficult to get back to the close out."

"That being said, I think it all comes back to the three-point line. I think the genesis of all great upsets starts and ends at the three-point line."

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Q. Is the three-point line the main key then to Florida winning?

Mark Wise: "Yeah, I think if it is a three-point battle, that would be huge. I think Florida has a chance to dominate on the glass, that would be huge. They are similar in that both had guys that had big X-factor performances. For Dayton it was Matt Kavanaugh, he went for 10 points last night and was five for six from the field. Kasey Hill goes for 10 assists. Pollard goes for 12 points, a new career high for Dayton. Chris Walker goes for seven, a new career high for him. From that standpoint, the bench has been really, really good."

Q. Is there a key individual match up?

Mark Wise: "I really don't think there is one in this game. It's a better defensive game plan for Scottie Wilbekin. Scottie had to guard Jordan Adams Thursday and Jordan Adams would post him up. Scottie doesn't have to guard a lot of people that will post him up. He had to fight through that, fight trying to get into his spot. Then he would come off of a stagger or off the curl. Scottie had to guard in more ways than what he was accustomed to. For Dayton, he will go back on the perimeter now."

Q. What about the constant barrage of questions about what they have to do to get over the hump of the Elite-8?

Mark Wise: "It is really just a ludicrous question. People don't understand how hard it is to just win one game in the tournament. Well from last March to this March Billy Donovan has not allowed his team in anyway shape or form to start with that conversation because so many things have to go right to get back to this point. Well, they are back to this point."

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