Updating the redshirt freshmen

Florida kept 12 freshmen off the field last season to take a redshirt. Some of the decisions were made because of the depth at their positions while others were kept off the field during games to allow them an extra year in the weight room while learning the playbook.

The spring after a redshirt is always an important time. The redshirt freshmen are trying to prove they can handle an expanded role this season, and that all starts in spring practice. Will Muschamp went through the roster and gave updates on all but three redshirt freshmen.

Safety Marcell Harris:

"Marcell Harris, assignment-wise, has improved tremendously. He still has some things to work through. I think this is the first time he's been healthy since he's been at Florida feeling comfortable with his knee, but I've been pleased with his progress. He gave up an explosive play on a missed tackle yesterday, which is disappointing. We can't afford those things to happen."

Defensive lineman Jordan Sherit:

"Jordan Sherit, the first time he's really been healthy at this point. He's missed some time with his elbow. Yesterday was his first contact in probably a week. Saw some positive things."

Defensive tackles Jay-nard Bostwick, Caleb Brantley and Antonio Riles:

"Antonio Riles is moving around well in there. He just needs to get a ton of snaps. Jay-nard Bostwick needs a ton of snaps. Caleb Brantley needs a ton of snaps. They just need to go headbutting every single day, over and over and over again and get off blocks and just understand the tempo. It's hard for big guys on both lines of scrimmages to understand the tempo you've got to play with. The hardest thing for a young defensive lineman is disengaging from blocks because they've been so much better than the other guys in high school, they haven't had to disengage from blocks. A lot of the time, the guy blocking them wasn't good enough to get a hat on them.

"Well now you've got to take on the block, understand how to defeat the block and then go to the ball carrier and do it over and over again, which sometimes is a little bit of a challenge for some of our guys. There's too much of a gap right now between Darious Cummings, Jon Bullard and the other guys (at defensive tackle). Way too big of a gap for me."

Defensive back Nick Washington:

"He made a nice tackle on the goal line yesterday. Had an interception in one-minute. Had an interception Saturday. I think that he continues to show up in the right spots and that's a positive thing when you havent been exposed to the position as much."

Running back Adam Lane:

"Adam Lane did some nice things yesterday. He's a guy that's very difficult to tackle because he's got a low center of gravity. That's why we liked him all along during the process."

Center Cam Dillard:

"Right now, he's backup center. He needs to be able to anchor a bit better in there as far as holding some things off, especially in pass rush. They're getting too much push in the pocket up the middle. He and Max (Garcia) and then Trip Thurman's going to start taking some snaps in there as well. You got to be able to have three centers ready to play.

Guard Rod Johnson:

"Rod Johnson I hope is cleared (Wednesday). But Rod, when he was healthy and playing, was doing some really nice things. We were very impressed with his athleticism and his girth and size."

Marqui Hawkins moved to safety last week and is learning at the position. Alvin Bailey continues to rep with the Florida offense as a slot receiver. Matt Rolin isn't practicing this spring as he continues recovering from a second torn ACL in the fall.

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