Rappin' to the Juice

There have been some pretty unique recruiting styles that have popped up this year, but there is always room for more. Jalen Julius is one of the hottest prospects in America and from Orlando Evans. He was visited by Michigan coaches on Tuesday, but some of the top schools in the country are recruiting him in many different ways. One of the recruiters has been rapping to the man they call ‘Juice'.

The Wolverines stopped by Evans High School and are really interested in Jalen Julius.

"They were telling me about the school," he said about the Michigan staffer that talked to him on Tuesday. "They told me they would probably be offering me soon."

BYU, Western Michigan, Michigan, Penn State, and USF have all been by Evans to see Julius and he has 15 offers now and Juice really appreciates every one of them.

"It feels good," he said about all the offers. "I am just trying to stay humble. It is a blessing from God."

Julius says that he is still listening to everyone that comes calling, but there are a handful of programs that are standing out right now.

"I am open, but there are a few schools that I like," he said. "I like Florida, Ole Miss, Ohio State, and Oregon State."

It is the Ohio State Buckeyes that have presented something new to the recruiting pitch. Juice says that Director of Player Personnel Mark Pantoni and he are always talking and that Pantoni actually threw out some rap lyrics at him last week.

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"I talk to the Director of recruiting Mark Pantoni, just about every day," Julius said before recalling his last talk with a laugh. "He rapped to me one time."

Ohio State is selling Juice on playing early.

"They are telling me that they don't want me to redshirt," he said. "When they recruit someone they want them to play. They like my speed and that I am an athlete."

The Beavers of Oregon State have offered and Julius really wants to take a trip.

"I want to see how the west coast is, since I have never been there before," he said. "They talk to me like they want to feature me as an impact player on offense."

Chris Kiffin at Ole Miss is recruiting Julius and Juice has a great relationship with the Rebel's coach.

"I talk to Coach Kiffin almost every day," he said. "We have a good little bond. I trust him. We talk about football, basketball, about the head coach, Coach Freeze, academics, and watching what you say on Twitter and stuff like that. I didn't realize that some people lose their scholarships because of what they post on Twitter."

The Gators are also high on Julius and offered him a few weeks ago. He's been to Florida twice this spring and has really liked what he has seen.

"Oh, I love Florida," he said. "It is close to home. My mom likes it. I had a good vibe with Florida when I went up there."

Julius played in only seven games a year ago due to injury, but was able to score eight touchdowns. He is a star on offense, but his 7on7 coach Keiwan Ratliff has been able to get him to play on defense with a lot of success there. He likes both but prefers one side of the ball.

"When I first went out for the Rat Pak, he wanted to try me at corner," Juice said of Coach Ratliff. "I was pretty surprised and looked at him funny, but I tried it and did well, so I kept on. I like it, but I like offense better."

The offers keep piling up, but Julius doesn't believe he will take the process to the end of the line. He also knows what that decision will be based on.

"Most of the time I feel like October will be the time that I commit, but I might actually commit after spring time," he said. "To me it will be about where I can play early and then the relationship between me and the coach, and I want a degree. My mom will play a big part in it too."

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