Parade of coaches in to see Norwood

Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips quarterback Rudy Norwood is up to three offers now, but the long list of college coaches visiting Dr. Phillips to see the strong armed Norwood means more are likely on the way soon. UAB, Georgia Southern, and Western Michigan have already pulled the trigger and Norwood has his sights set on more.

The parade of college coaches started this past week when representatives from Louisville, Boston College, Michigan, Florida International, and Western Michigan Rudy Norwood's school. He expects Oregon and Florida to visit at the start of spring practice.

Norwood has a big arm and stands 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds. He's athletic and can do damage with his feet as well. He says that the schools like his size and his athletic ability as a quarterback.

"A lot of the coaches are excited to come see me in spring," Norwood said. "The main ones are Oregon, Florida, Michigan, and Clemson. They are very excited to see me and say that I have a lot of potential for the collegiate level."

Those four schools stand out the most to Norwood right now along with UAB, the only o the five that have offered at this point in time.

The Blazers have really made Norwood a serious target this recruiting cycle.

"The offensive coordinator says he will have the type of offense and is willing to implement whatever they need to in order for me to get there," Norwood said. "He is going out of his way in order for me to get up there. He thinks I can be a real difference in that conference and put on a show for them."

The Oregon Ducks are known for their high flying offense and the use of an athletic quarterback. They like what they see in Norwood.

"Oregon is saying they really like me and I am perfect fit for the offense," Norwood said. "They like my film and are talking to me. They are waiting to come down in spring and throw live."

There is a draw back or two with Michigan, but the honesty that the Wolverine staff expressed with Norwood has impacted him enough to the point that they remain among his top school choices at this point.

"I like Michigan," he said. "When the coach talked to me, he was putting everything on the line. He said when I came to Michigan it would be a great experience and an eye opener, because Michigan is a very big school. The offense they run is the offense I like to run, but there are a couple of tweaks I don't like. But they are still in my top five."

Norwood visited Clemson last month on a Junior Day. The Tigers have two quarterbacks committed, but that hasn't stopped them from recruiting Norwood or him liking the Tigers.

"I went to Clemson for a Junior Day," he said. "I got to see where I would be on the depth chart and see how I would fit into their system. I got to see the type of offense they run and the atmosphere there. I know they are going to offer me probably sometime in the spring, but I am not going to rush it."

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The Florida Gators are the local team on the list. Norwood likes the fact that Florida is looking to mend itself from a troubled season a year ago and believes the Gators are on the right path.

"I like the whole new offensive plan they have going into the new season and the new strategies they have to be successful," he said of the Gators. "What I look for is that if you are going to have a bad season, don't have back-to-back bad seasons. Try and focus on what you did last year and did bad and try and make it better. I like Florida and everything they are trying to implement as well. Coach White will hopefully come see me this spring, he really likes me."

Norwood is a heady quarterback. He believes his mental game is what sets him apart from most.

"I feel like I am a perfectionist," Norwood said. "If I did something wrong I am going to beat myself up about it in my head and do whatever I have to do to make it right. I am a mental guy and would rather beat you up with my head than physically. I can do it physically, but would rather play mind games with you. The way I play mind tricks on the field, it helps me a lot. I also think I am pretty humble guy. I don't like to talk about my physical abilities that much."

And all of the attention is just a huge bonus for Norwood who really never assumed the scholarship offers would come. In fact, his first letter from a school was the real eye opener, not his first offer.

"I didn't know this was going to happen to me and I can't thank God enough for giving it to me," he said. "I remember the first letter I got. I called my mom and just started crying on the phone. I can remember telling my mom that we made it. I just never thought it would happen to me. It was bigger than my first offer. Clemson sent it and it meant so much to me."

But now there will be choices that have to be made. And with that in mind, Norwood seems to know what he is looking for in a school.

"The main thing I am looking for is to get an education," he said. "I have to have a bounce back in case football doesn't work out. I am looking for a perfect offense I can fit in and make a huge impact. I also want a good environment and the top thing is what school is going to make me feel most at home. If I am willing to leave home, I want to go to the right school and continue my life in (a positive way)."

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