Thomas feels like a "top priority" at Florida

There is no hiding the fact that Florida will be recruiting the linebacker positions hard in the 2015 class. After a year of not signing a single player at any of the three spots, the Gators would probably like to sign four. One prospect that is a huge priority and knows it is four-star linebacker Adonis Thomas. Head Coach Todd Wofford goes into detail about his star player.

Wofford says that his Lawrenceville (Ga.) Central Gwinnett linebacker Adonis Thomas is a star on and off the field and is everything you are looking for in a student-athlete.

"He is a great kid," Central Gwinnett's head coach said. "He is the definition of student-athlete. He has a 3.4 GPA and is taking AP classes, so he takes care of academics. He is a ‘yes sir, no sir' kid. One of the things that stands out to me is he really listens and takes the coaching."

And Thomas screams potential because of his size and the ability to get bigger on a frame that already allows him to be one of the best in America.

"As a player he is a freak kind of kid," Wofford said. "He is 6-foot-4 and 217 pounds. He has run a 10.9 in the 100 meters… he is a freakish type kid. Oregon has offered him as a linebacker and tight end. Ohio State has offered as an H-back. Duke likes him as a receiver. Schools come in and ask him what side of the ball he wants to play because he is that impactful on either side of the ball.

"He is one of those kids that you can see in a year being 240-245 pounds. He could be a linebacker that can rush the edge and really impact a game on 1st through 3rd down.

Thomas reminds Wofford of Po Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware who spent a long time with the Cowboys and is now with the Broncos.

"He reminds me of a Demarcus Ware," the coach said. "He's a big guy that can run. I remember hearing about him in high school where he was 6-foot-3 and 195. I think you can project him size wise like Demarcus Ware."

The Gators have made him a priority and it appears that Thomas has made the Gators a priority as well. He spent two of the last three weekends of Gators spring ball in Gainesville watching the team practice and perform.

"He went to a practice when they had a scrimmage… he and his mom went down," Wofford said of Thomas. "Then he returned with his dad for the spring game. I think that is the third rime he has been down since January and has had a great time every time he goes down there. He feels most comfortable with the head coach. Every time they go down there they roll out the red carpet for him."

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The Gators are sure to stress to Thomas just how important he is to their future plans. It is more than wanting him. At this point it they need him with the lack of signings at the position last year.

"That is one thing they are harping on with him… that he is a priority for them," Wofford said. "The linebacker position is a priority. He likes it because it means a chance to play early, get on the field… not that it is a requirement, but he sees the opportunity to go in and compete early.

"Of the teams he is looking at, he is looking at depth charts, academics, and everything. That is one thing that really stands out at Florida."

The Gators aren't limiting their talk with Thomas. With the lack of numbers, the Gators also lose two seniors after the season and the possibility of losing starting BUCK Dante Fowler if he has a huge season on the field like many believe he will have. The BUCK is part linebacker as well in this defense and not out of the question for someone that could grow like Thomas is expected to.

"They are telling he can play all the linebacker positions and even talked about playing the BUCK," Wofford said. "He likes the scheme that they use and how they move the linebackers around and move people in general. He likes that the defensive coaches have developed several big time and big name players. He saw that the linebackers and defense in general fly around in the spring game."

Florida wants the opportunity to see Thomas work on the field and will make their first visit to the star linebacker next week before visiting again later in the month. Wofford believes the Gators have done about everything they can to impress upon Thomas how important he is.

"To me I can see why Florida is one of his top teams because from the first time they could be on the road and still trying to finish up last year's class, they were recruiting Adonis," Wofford said. "They were here before school started and before any other school got here. Coach Muschamp was the first head coach that came in and that he saw. They have done an outstanding job of recruiting him and making his mom and dad feel like he is a top priority in next year's class.

"They are recruiting his nine year old brother… they make him feel real comfortable."

Some other big name schools are recruiting Thomas hard as well. Wofford says that Thomas is likely to start making more time for himself by narrowing his decision down soon and then committing before the season starts this year.

"Some of the other top schools are Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame, and LSU," Wofford said. "Those are the ones that jump out the most.

"He is wide open, but Florida is up there. Being one of the teams that offered first and the team that is here before school starts. He feels the most comfortable with Coach Muschamp. They have an in with his mom looking for a good combination of academics and football and Florida's academics are up there. They are definitely one of the top schools.

"He is trying to cut it down after spring practice to about five or six teams. He decided last week that he will commit in August and before the season starts."

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