Coach White drops in on Hines

The Florida Gators are looking to add dynamic speed to their offense and that is what you get with running back Nyheim Hines from Garner (N.C.). The 4-star back with the ability to damage running the ball and catching it is a prime target for Florida running back coach Brian White who visited Hines on Thursday.

Nyheim Hines is one of those running backs that can touch the ball from anywhere on the field and put it in the end zone. He scored 60 touchdowns as a junior and a lot came from long distance because of his ability to get space and the outrun everyone to score. White knows this and visited Hines.

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"Coach White came by," Hines said Friday. "I talked to him on the phone after he left and he wants me to visit. I have family in Orlando, when I go visit my family in Orlando I know I will visit Florida."

White was trying to give Hines a feel for what it is like to be a Gator including the everyday routine of the players.

"He told me about the practices and more about what they do," Hines said. "He also told me that academically it is a pretty good school, which I didn't know.

"He said that some schools practice at the end of the day, some in the mid-afternoon… he said they practice at 2:45 and gets done at 4:45. He said they all lift and work out around their school class schedule."

Hines has been doing his homework on Florida and seems to understand it is a good fit for him.

"I have seen some people from North Carolina that I talked to that went to school there and tell me how great it is," he said. "I didn't like the whole offense before but really like the spread they have moved to. Now they are busy selling me that the no-huddle spread would work a lot with me."

The list of schools coming by to see the star running back is long and for good reason. Florida, Ohio State twice, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and a lot more have already been by and even more expected next week.

Stay tuned to as we continue to follow the recruiting process of Nyheim Hines.

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