Familiarity opens the door for Florida

One of the best high school prospects in the state of Florida is a huge target for the Florida Gators and there's been a big effort to try and get Deon Cain to look back hard at Florida. The 4-star receiver at Tampa (Fla.) Tampa Bay Tech actually plays quarterback for the Titans, but most programs want him catching the ball. Cain says that visiting Gainesville has opened his eyes to the Gators.

For now, the athletic quarterback is ready to put the Tech offense on his shoulders and have a great senior season.

"It feels great and I have been waiting for this feeling for a long time," Deon Cain said. "It's my senior year and I am ready to get my team started and get on the road to State."

The humble Cain is the first to compliment his teammates for the kind of team they have.

"We are looking real good," he said. "We are a young team but we are fast and we practice hard. I know if we practice hard it will show on the field. The strength is the defense. We probably have the best secondary in Hillsborough County, probably in the state. We have really big, 6-foot-2 and fast corners, a secondary that can come down and hit, and linebackers that are ready to tackle and the best defensive line. The defense is probably the strength of our team.

"With me on offense, I am spreading it around and have key receivers that I can throw to all the time and my line is getting better. I am pretty sure we have the biggest running back in the county, he is only a sophomore. We run the read option on power plays, just trying to key on the weaknesses of the defense and attack it."

Cain has a slew of offers and most schools want him as a receiver, even though he plays mostly at quarterback for the Titans. Watching him run and how well he can get away from defenders, it is easy to see why he is a hot commodity.

Florida feels that way about Cain and have worked hard to get in the door with him over the last year. Things seem to be going well between the Gators and Cain and that has come about because the dynamic play maker decided to visit Gainesville and see what the school and new offense has to offer.

"First there wasn't so much with Florida, but then I took a couple of visits there and felt more comfortable there," he said. "I got to know the offense and got to know the coaches more and that just upped my interest in the school."

Florida's new offensive coordinator is Kurt Roper who in a short time has been able to relate well with the current players on offense at Florida and is getting through to the prospects as well.

"I've talked a lot with Coach Roper," Cain said. "We sat down and talked about the offense a few times and about where I fit in the scheme. Now I can really see myself in the offense."

Florida receiver coach Joker Phillips has been on Cain for a while and the 4-star says that Phillips likes his play making ability.

"I talk to Joker Phillips a lot," he said. "He likes that I can catch the ball and be versatile. I have the height and can run any route. I am not just a 9-ball guy, I can run any kind of route. When the ball is in my hands, I can make plays."

On Tuesday, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Michigan State, Florida State, and North Carolina were at Tampa Bay Tech to see him. The schools are too many to count now and he will eventually have to cut things down. At this time, he isn't ready to do that.

"Not right now, not really any standouts," he said. "I am doing a couple of more visits in the summer and then I can cut down my list."

He may not be ready to cut down his list pf possibilities but he is steadily looking at the things that are important to him.

"It is going to be about, do I get along with the coaches?" he said. "Is there early playing time? Do I fit in the offense? Is the school for me and will it help my life after football? I want to be invested in the school."

And while he isn't ready to limit options, look for things to move fast once he starts managing his favorites.

"I am trying to make my decision before fall, at least the beginning of August," he said about a commitment. "With all the coaches (contacting) and everything I want to get it out of the way and focus more on my team during the season."

And we will be there to cover it every step pf the way.

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