Easley made a great choice

He never got to play enough for the University of Florida. Injuries, two serious and some not-so serious, limited playing time for Dominique Easley for the Gators, but not many players were more fun to watch in the last four years when he was on the field. Florida has been a defensive team for four years now and maybe the star player was Dominique Easley. He will be missed.

But, he absolutely made the right decision for all involved.

There is zero doubt that healthy Dominique Easley would help Florida next season, but he can do well for even longer by making the correct decision he did make to leave school early and head to the NFL.

There aren't many teams as shrewd as the New England Patriots when it comes to personnel moves and the fact that Easley was picked #29 overall to the Patriots on Thursday is a sign that big things are expected down the road for the mid-play dancing machine.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp released a statement ion January when the two agreed that Easley should make the jump and do what is best for his future in the game.

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"He's a guy that's had two ACLs," Muschamp said. "I think that's the best move for him right now and going to prepare himself for April and get ready for that. He and I talked briefly about it and that's what he wants to do. I support it 100 percent."

New England very well may have gotten a steal as Easley was playing maybe the best football of any defensive player in the country when he was injured. Easley is super quick at the snap and although he played out of position in 2012, when he was reinserted as a three-technique in 2013, he quickly became a terror inside.

Easley did the right thing for himself. Certainly a full and terrific year at Florida in 2014 could have catapulted him to a higher place in the first round next year, but with the way the salaries are structured in the draft right now. He likely wouldn't have gotten a ton more money.

And for Florida it is a big time deal as well. The Gators get to announce another first round pick to go with all of those they are used to having, even if it is only one this season. Florida had two first round selections in 2013 in defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and safety Matt Elam. It is a feather in the cap when on the recruiting trail.

Another bonus on the recruiting trail is that Florida defensive line coach Brad Lawing coached two of the first five defensive linemen in the draft, including the top player overall in the draft Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina. Lawing coached at South Carolina in 2012, where Clowney had his best year. Clowney was the top defensive end taken and Easley the number two defensive tackle taken in the draft… another big feather in that cap.

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