Video Highlights: Halapio the Patriot

He was one of the least heralded offensive players that played a ton of football at the University of Florida. It may because he was an offensive lineman and a mistake up front would stand out more than any time doing his job. In the eyes of the coaches at Florida Jon Halapio was a beast on the field.

Jon Halapio seemed to get more than his fair share of criticism from the fans during his career at Florida. But, if you ask the guys that coached the fifth year senior and four year starter, he played harder and nastier than any lineman they had during his four years on the field.

Halapio was asked to do a lot as an interior guard at Florida. The starting right guard for four years, he was the guy they wanted to pull behind.

His tenacity at the point of attack was something that wore on defenders throughout a game and by the end of the contest, the guy across from him would be down to nothing or replaced.

Labrum surgery before his senior season should have meant he would ride the bench and let it heal. Not Halapio. After finding out he couldn't hurt it any worse by playing, he played through pain and the fact that he couldn't work out meant he wasn't as strong as he wanted to be. He wasn't quite the same player as a senior as he was previously, but he was the best Florida had regardless.

Now he is completely healthy and the Patriots saw another gem with Halapio (like Dominique Easley selected in the st round), despite his medical setbacks.

Here are a few clips of Halapio that we are allowed to bring you...

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