Humphries looks for much improved offense

Florida junior left tackle D.J. Humphries is excited for a new year. Not only is he looking to pet the 2013 season behind he and his teammates, the new offense Florida is running is better suited for the personnel according to Humphries. A healthy year would also be nice, but the excitement about the offense and the ease at which the players are picking it up, has Humphries ready to go.

According to D.J. Humphries, the new offense at Florida is ready made for the line and the running backs on roster.

"It's a lot of zone," he said of the run blocking schemes. "I like it. It's not all zone, but it's majority zone. It's kind of what I ran in high school. I would say it's easier, but I also feel it makes it a lot easier for the running back. He's allowed to use his vision. If he sees something pop right here, he can cut back, cut here, cut there."

Another added bonus is the tempo the Gators will use. Florida won't go fast all the time on the field, but they would like to utilize a quick snap when on a long drive as often as possible.

"Once you get about seven or eight plays into a drive, those interior (defensive) guys start getting tired -- bam! "Hit ‘em with that power. it works perfect for what we're trying to do on offense."

The anticipation of how the offense will work is eating away at Humphries.

"I can't wait to get it going at Florida and get it going against some other guys and see how it works against somebody else. I wish it was fall camp right now. I'm ready to fall into this thing."

The success along the front could also be determined to a great deal by the health of the offensive line. The Gators took a huge hit before the season even started last year when starting right tackle Chaz Green went down with an injury that kept him out for the entire season. Green is back and things are looking better up front for it.

"That's a big deal, man. me and Chaz being back, that's good," Humphries said. "When we're on the field together, it works well. We've been flowing well this spring. We're going to try and keep it up. if both of us stay healthy, we can make some things happen."

Also in the mix right now at tackle and even guard is senior Trento Brown. Brown transferred in from junior college a year ago and didn't get a lot of playing time early before really stepping up his game late in the season when it was necessary to do so. He looks to be even more improved this spring.

"He's definitely progressed. he's all in. He's committed. He understands what it takes to be a part of this thing; to be a big part of this thing. He's definitely come around.

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