There is little doubt that the drop off at the tight end position from 2012 to 2013 was a huge one for Florida. Listed as more of the ‘B' position now, Florida head coach Will Muschamp is looking to use the bigger receiver in the offense to attract mismatches and do damage like the kind Jordan Reed did for the offense two years ago. Jake McGee is a real possibility for making that happen.

"I am very excited," Will Muschamp said of Jake McGee. He is a guy that has tremendous ball skills and is a very good athlete," Muschamp said. "(He's) 6-foot-5.5, 245 pounds, he runs extremely well. I think he is a good addition to our team and certainly can compete well."

Jordan Reed was the leading receiver for the Gators in 2012 and a real weapon at the position that has moved on to the NFL and is doing his thing at a high level in that league as well. A talent like that can bring a lot to the table besides just catches.

"We had a very good player in Jordan Reed and to not have that production in that position was a bit different," Muschamp said. "To be able to have a guy that defenses need to know how to account for if he is a receiver or tight end, you can create a three man blocking surface. It changes things in the running game and protection and how people will attack you."

Now that position has become even more of a receiver than in the previous two years. As an extension of the offensive line more often than not, the Gators went almost exclusively to using the tight end as a blocker, but the position has changed dramatically and that is where Jake McGee comes in.

"We're not asking a guy to play on the surface as much and that needs to get movement on the 6-technique that needs to be able to reach on a 6-5, 270 pound kid," Muschamp said. "That is different and not what we are looking for as far as a blocking description. We all want him to be able to stretch the field and get the matchups on the linebackers and safeties, but the other part has."

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