Muschamp confident in training

Will Muschamp dove into Florida's injury issues early this offseason. After the Gators saw their 2013 season ravaged by a large number of season-ending injuries, the Florida coach wanted to know if his program was doing anything wrong. He spent long days with the team's orthopedic surgeons and trainers while spending even more time on the phone with other medical personnel.

The process started by watching film with the team's orthopedic surgeons. They broke down every moment before an injury suffered in practice or in a game. They watched Andre Debose go down with a knee injury during a non-contact portion of fall camp last year, only to find out it was a torn ACL. Linebacker Matt Rolin went through the same thing.

They watched Dominique Easley's ACL tear in practice and the one Ronald Powell suffered in the 2013 spring game. The long list of injuries continues throughout the Florida depth chart, and if they had an injury on film, Muschamp spent time watching it with the team doctors, trainers and any other medical personnel they could find.

He wanted answers, but they didn't come.

Most of it was for a good reason. None of the workouts, practice regiments or activities the team went through had a negative impact in the eyes of the medical personnel or anyone that Muschamp came in contact with. The more people Muschamp talked to, the more he learned that his program's training regiments are similar to most other teams.

"We'd love to wrap it in a bow and say ‘this is the problem.' I'd love for it to be that because then you have a problem and you fix the problem, move forward and feel better about it," Muschamp said. "I don't feel like there was an issue in the weight room. We do a very good job at developing players."

Muschamp also looked closely at what was happening in the weight room. He mentioned speaking with "several strength coaches that I trust," touching base to see what their teams are doing in the offseason workout program. Everything checked out, and most of the teams Muschamp talked to had similar workout plans to the one Jeff Dillman uses at Florida.

One point of change came in hamstrings. Muschamp and the training staff both heard this offseason about the importance of strengthening the hamstring to help stabilize the knee, which could lead to fewer ACL issues.

This offseason has included full days spent in Muschamp's office, bouncing ideas off each other and studying the injuries that happened to avoid more from happening in the future, but it hasn't produced many groundbreaking results.

"More than anything, it reassured myself of what we are doing," Muschamp said. "It reaffirmed what we're doing in the weight room after talking to people that are training the way we're training."

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