Keland White a new name to watch

Some football prospects have all the tools to be great ones but just haven't had the exposure to get noticed for one reason or another. For Lakeland Christian athlete Keland White, it makes a little sense because he just transferred in to play for Coach Wayne Peace and doesn't have a lot of film from his past school to get noticed… that should change.

Unfortunately for Keland White, the recent transfer meant he had to sit out the spring game as well. His first time to really showcase his talents as a member of the Lakeland Christian team will be in the fall when the season starts. The Winter Haven transfer has still managed to catch the eyes of several college recruiters.

Teammates T.J. Simmons, a speedy running back, and Christian Alexander, a quarterback with all of the tools, will draw more college coaches in and did this spring. It allowed White to be seen.

"I didn't pick up any offers yet," he said. "A lot of schools talked about offering me. They like my size and my speed, but they just haven't offered yet."

He plays all over the field, running back and receiver on offense and safety on defense. The Lions will use him a lot as a receiver on offense.

"I think I improved my cuts, getting in and out of the routes," White said. "This is my first time playing receiver in high school, so I think I improved a lot in my route running and improved the chemistry with my quarterback.

"I am mainly a receiver, but I also play running back. I switch and every other practice I will go to running back or receiver. I play free safety as well. Whatever the team needs I will do it."

As far as a future position in college, White says he really is open, but would probably like to play safety. At 6-foot and 186 pounds rumors were circulating that he outran the speedy Simmons in a race, the kind of thing that attracts coaches even more. A bit humble about his sprinting prowess, White said as a sophomore in high school he ran a 11.1 second 100 meters in the last of his track days. It is certainly a tool he could use anywhere on the field.

"I tell the college coaches I will play anywhere they want me, but when they ask me what position I tell most of them I want to play free safety," he said.

A few colleges stand out in terms of the interest they are showing White at the moment.

"Youngstown State, and there are a couple of schools out there like Mississippi State, Temple, Toledo, and a few more that are really talking to me a lot," he said. "Miami wants me to come down and camp."

White says he grew up a fan of the home state Seminoles.

"I grew up a Florida State fan, I'm a Florida boy and just liked them," he said. "Greg Reid was my favorite player. I wanted to be like him, making a lot of noise on the field and let everyone know that I like to play and have fun."

That fun doesn't get in the way of helping his team. White insists that he is a total team player and he does everything he can to help others on his team to get better.

"I think we will be pretty good," he said of the upcoming season with his new teammates. "We have a lot of great players, even the young guys. I am a leader. I encourage my teammates to play when they are down. I just keep everyone up so that they have a game. It isn't all about me, it is about helping the team out and how I can make them better away from the game."

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