Jones decision based on trust

Given the chance to talk or listen to Florida's newest commitment, quarterback Sheriron Jones, you can hear the passion in his voice for everything. Very humble and yet sure of his course in life, Jones didn't hesitate when he saw what he wanted and committed to Florida on Saturday. For the 6-foot-2, 175 pound signal caller his decision was easy based on the people involved.

Sometimes a football staff has to look clear across the country in order to find a player that fits what they are doing in their particular system. That would be the case with Sheriron Jones, the Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde High School quarterback with the golden arm and wings on his feet.

When Florida assistant Brian White made it a point to introduce film of Jones to Gators' new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper, Roper made it a point to get to know Jones and make him a Gator.

"Since day one, since Coach Roper talked to my head coach, they have been on my case so much and going so hard and made it known that I was wanted there," Jones said late Monday night.

With all the talk from Roper and White, Jones has grown excited about thing at Florida, including the style of offense and the way the Gators actually run things.

"It is very exciting," he said about the commitment and the offense. "To me, it is just going back to simpler times like in high school, simple plays. Coach Roper makes it simple."

Being someone that is focused on his future, Jones was able to give detailed examples of what he is expecting out of the offense he will be tutored under in college.

"I know it is college ball so of course it will be hard," he said as a qualifier. Usually you go to college and they come out with super long play calls instead of coming out like Peyton Manning and he says three words and everyone knows what to do. It is pretty simple.

"We are going to say about 3-4 words and then everyone look at the sideline sometimes… everyone will know what to do and we can play fast, physical, and strong. We can play smart at the same time. At the quarterback position you have to know what everyone is doing at the same time. Making those fast reactions, you just can't stop it.

"With Coach Roper and Coach Muschamp, that is the dynamic duo, so I don't think anyone will be able to stop us."

The kicker is that the current offense he runs, is ultra-similar to the one he will be in charge of in college.

"I wouldn't think that college football would be so easy, but Coach Roper's offense is just great," he said. "It fits everything I do. They have cut-ups of everything of what they do and what I do and it's the same exact thing."

Distance is usually one of the greatest factors in recruiting and the longer the distance the less likely a commitment is bound to happen. Jones insists that distance was not going to get between him and the place that was the best place for him.

"With Coach Roper and Coach Muschamp, that is the dynamic duo, so I don't think anyone will be able to stop us."

"Just coming into high school I knew I would have to be open minded because you don't really know what could happen," he said. "I opened up to them and I just felt like I could trust them. I talked to my family and they were 100% behind me no matter where I was going to go. I just had to find the right place to be and felt like Florida was the right place."

Mom trusted her son and the maturity he possesses in the choices he makes. Yvette Patterson-Jones is very happy with his decision.

"She is very excited," Jones said of his mom. "Just for my parents to be able to say that (their) son is playing at a place like the Florida Gators is very exciting for them."

Florida is different than California, yet another reason that things don't work out recruiting from long distance. But, Jones says the people in Gainesville and around the school were another winning point for him.

"They were great," he said of the people on the trip. "Going to the college and being around the players they are going to be from all over. It seemed like going to The Swamp and being that it was wide open to the general public, everyone is a Gator fan. Whoever goes there is genuine and real and going to stick with their team no matter what happens. I feel like the people are just awesome."

As the weekend arrived, Jones said that everything he was hearing about the Gator program, the coaches, the school, and the people around it all was the setting he was looking for. But, he wasn't going to make a final decision until he saw it all himself. Saturday, after missing a connecting flight to Gainesville, showing up late and tired, and practicing in the hot sun, Jones knew that Florida was the place for him when everything else made it a great trip.

"Honestly, I didn't really know," he said about when a possible decision might come. "All of the teams I was offered by I was considering. They were all number one to me. But, going in I knew how Coach White was and how Coach Roper was and all those coaches. I knew they were genuine and were going to be honest with you. They weren't going to beat around the bush like a lot of these college recruiters are doing. They were straight forward with me and let me know what the situation was and let me know how things would turn out from two different perspectives. I felt like once I got on campus and they were genuine and honest… as soon as I felt that, I knew that was the place for me."

Feeling a bit comfortable with everything involved in his decision, Jones had something to share with the Gator fans happy with his decision…

"It's show time… be ready."

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