Boykin takes in the real Swamp

It is a bit of a wakeup call for some folks that don't venture to Florida very often. Such was the case with New Lenox (Ill.) Providence Catholic 4-star receiver Miles Boykin. The 6-foot-4.5, 215 pound receiver visited the University of Florida on Thursday and left with a better understanding of the school and the state.

One of the things people say in the state of Florida is where there is water, there are alligators. Miles Boykin learned firsthand about that when he visited Lake Alice, in the middle of the University of Florida campus. The popular student hangout has more than just the student body inhabiting the premises.

"The thing I thought was the coolest was the pond that had the real Gators in it," Miles said about the lake shortly after leaving from a visit to Gainesville. "I spotted one… it barely had his head poking out."

The sun was out in full force on Thursday. Palm trees were swaying, green grass everywhere, good looking people walking around. It was eye opening for Boykin.

"The campus was amazing," he said. "Everything that people say about Florida is true, it's a great place."

This trip was mainly to learn about the school and to really engage the coaching staff. He wasn't focused on the facilities.

"You know they had great facilities just like other schools so I try not to focus on that too much.

The Gators are recruiting Boykin at the ‘B' position, a slot receiver/ tight end position in the new Gators' offense.

"They think I am a perfect fit in the offense," he said.

He really liked the nature look to the Gainesville campus and thought the little woodsy areas were something that stood out.

"No matter where you go, there is always a little bit of that place that makes you feel like home," he said.

Boykin says he will now be heading to Michigan State to check out the Spartans. We will continue to follow his recruitment here at Scout.

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