Knowshon Moreno has 'bad' knee injury

Miami's new running back will be sidelined for an indeterminate amount of time due to a knee injury.

Those details that were absent regarding Knowshon Moreno's physical state yesterday are coming to light now.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported this morning, via a source, that Moreno has a left knee injury that may require arthroscopic surgery, "but it's nothing significant at this point."

But Yahoo's Jason Cole has talked to his own source who told him that Moreno's injury is "bad," and calls into question how much he will play this season. Cole tweeted that Moreno "[probably] will play, but the issue is how long."

Cole adds that the damage Moreno has suffered happened before he signed with the Dolphins in March. Moreno tore the ACL in his other knee, his right knee, in 2011.

Fantasy Analysis

Suddenly, being a tad pudgy is the least of Moreno's worries. If this injury was present when Moreno signed, how was it not caught during a routine physical before pen met paper? If it was, that probably explains why Moreno was given a cheap one-year deal and didn't attract much interest outside of Miami on the open market. A long-term injury to Moreno would give Lamar Miller's fantasy stock a boost and may make Daniel Thomas' roster spot safer. Obviously, you're staying far away from Moreno in drafts until the exact nature of the injury is known. More updates to this story should come soon.

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