From Dawg Night to Friday Night Lights

The high octane atmosphere of specialty camps on big time college campuses is something a lot of college prospects enjoy and want to be a part of. Wide receiver David Gardner of Jacksonville (Fla.) Atlantic Coast will get his chance to participate in two of the bigger events like this in the south Friday night he was in Athens, Georgia doing his thing, next week it will be Gainesville.

At 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, David Gardner has terrific size , speed and athleticism to be a premium receiver among college prospects in the 2015 class. Friday night, Gardner spent his time and energy at camp at Georgia for the premium showcase and Gardner thought he performed well in front of receiver coach Tony Ball.

“It was a great experience,” Gardner said by phone on Saturday. “I got a good look at the facilities and everything. It was top of the line. I enjoyed working with Coach Ball and learned a lot of stuff. The workout was very intense and he didn’t hold anything back. Just being around different guys, it was a great experience overall.”

There was a little bit of a delay, and the only disappointing thing was that he didn’t get a chance to meet with the staff afterward.

“The rain kind of caught us off guard at the beginning but I think I fared well with my performance overall,” he said. “I didn’t really get to talk to the coaches, there were like 400 kids at the camp. I have met Coach Ball before when he played in the Bowl game, but that is probably the only time I have really talked to the staff.”

This coming week Gardner will head back to Gainesville where he has visited a few times already this summer. He has been able to spend some time building a relationship with new receiver coach Chris Leak and the two have steadily bonded.

“So far, based off the relationship I have been building with Coach Leak, he’s a great guy and gets with me almost every week,” Gardner said. “I asked him where I stand with getting an offer and he said I was very high on his board and if it was up to him he would offer a scholarship. He said everything goes through Coach Muschamp and the best thing to do is get a one-on-one with Coach Muschamp.”

He feels something big is right around the corner and wants to do what he has to do to make it happen.

“Coach Roper told me last month at camp that he wanted me to come to Friday Night Lights, so I am going to do that,” Gardner said. “I know they are very interested in me. They tell me they love me as a player and that I am a high character kid. I am just going to go down there to Friday Night Lights, do very well, and hopefully everything will play out.” and Scout will be on hand at Friday Night Lights and look forward to the follow up with Gardner after the event.

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