What I want to see Saturday

Offensive coordinator Kurt Roper doesn’t have very far to go to have a better offense. But he needs to push these boys to be a LOT BETTER on offense.

Five things Gators need to do in the Florida opener...

Put the pedal to the metal… We all want to see offense. The number one thing that needs to happen is to open it up, throw the ball, run the ball, whatever it takes, and get the ball up and down the field and in the end zone. This is expected this year to a much greater extent than what we have seen and especially against a team like Idaho, they of the 36 point underdog variety. Just try and score and don’t stop trying until the buzzer sounds at the end of the game.

Driskel off the mat and into the fast lane… It is a new offense so to expect things to be close to perfect to start the season is a little unrealistic. Still, this offense is supposed to be perfect for Driskel’s skill set. Let’s see him use every weapon in his arsenal and have the look of a guy in charge and sure of himself behind center.

Secondary with big plays… The youth in the secondary can be a scary thing. We may see a lot of playing time from as many as four freshmen in the secondary. Nothing can get these guys over the hump and into the zone like making a big play or two. They have the right people teaching them in head coach Will Muschamp and secondary coach Travaris Robinson. Big things are sure to come, but they can be ramped up quite a bit with a few big plays on Saturday.

Offensive Line moving people around… They seem to be as healthy as we have had here in well over a year. They will face the best unit at Idaho, but that shouldn’t compare to most of the SEC defensive lines they will see this year. The offensive line, more than anything has to act as a unit and be able to move the Vandals as much as they want to. They need to open big holes for the backs and supply adequate protection for the added long balls we want to see this season. They also need to get some young guys in to help start their development.

Pass Rush… I am pretty confident in a lot of above, but of this I am most confident after watching the boys practice this fall. I know people will point to the offensive line getting beat, but you can just see the body changes on the defensive linemen and their body language on the field, especially the guys outside and the pass rushers. I expect a big year from a pass rushing stand point although I believe Idaho will quick pass the Gators all night to make it more difficult. Still, I want to see the PRESSURE I am expecting.

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