Happy to be back and in the end zone

Matt Jones missed most of last year after injuring himself in the LSU game; he came back and in style Saturday night.

He’s been hurt more than healthy so far in his career at Florida, but junior running back Matt Jones looks like he is back better than ever. After finishing with eight rushes for 65 yards and a touchdown on the ground and two catches for eight yards and another touchdown, Jones looks like has never missed a beat.

The Gator rushing game churned up a whopping 259 yards and four touchdowns Saturday night while the running backs also added a couple of touchdowns receptions and added six catches for 97 yards on the night. Jones said it was something they had been anticipating and wanting to show off. That the ball is being spread around is a good thing the way this group looks at it.

“We were letting everyone know that we are back and going to score a lot this year and going to have fun doing it,” Jones said. The ball will spread around anyway. We just have fun doing what we did tonight, so it was great. You have three backs like that and we are running well, you can’t complain.

“I am happy about the win and that we are back out there and the fans are out there cheering and they didn’t stay home because the game got cancelled last week.”

The game had a few plays where the holes up front looked 30 feet wide. It was like the sea parted and the backs could just run to day light. The offensive line did their job, and the new wide open offense had something to do with that as well.

“We prepared great and our offensive line did a great job,” Jones said. “Their defensive line slanted away from our play calling giving us a big crease to cut back to.

“It is great because people have to cover the deep ball. It gives the running backs some creases to run down field. When we have receivers like we do… Demarcus Robinson caught a deep ball today, Quinton Dunbar showed up today, when they make catches like that it makes it easier (for us).”

Jones showed his versatility catching the ball for quarterback Jeff Driskel’s only touchdown pass of the night. When he finished both scores, he made sure to acknowledge the fans when he celebrated.

“I felt great out there catching the ball out wide,” he said. “I love catching the ball.

“I was just so happy to be in the end zone and I was looking for the fans and in their eyes letting them know we are here and ready to play. I just wanted to fall over, but my adrenaline was running and I was just happy I was in the end zone.”

After the game Jones had both knees and upper legs on ice, a scary sight for anyone not knowing exactly what was going on, but he said this was normal post game and practice care for his legs.

“I am just taking care of my body, I got stuff on my hammy there… it’s alright,” he reassured.

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