Electric Davis knows he’s a fit at Florida

Ryan Davis has a bright future and the Florida Gators would like him to be a part of their family…

He already has 588 total yards and seven touchdowns in two games for St. Petersburg Lakewood, and Ryan Davis is going to put up a lot more before it is over. On the verge of a colossal season, Davis is a dual threat quarterback that has churned up 296 rushing yards in those two games and is a hot commodity on the recruiting trail as a receiver.

He had a feeling things were going to go well for him this year.

“I feel like my work is paying off and everything I worked for until this point is starting to show,” Davis said. “I know there are a lot of doubters out there, but I am just trying to show what I am capable of. I know I can do it better than some of the top guys.”

As a quarterback Davis doesn’t make mistakes. He can make the long throw and does, but he plays the game smart and makes teams really pay for it.

“I understand the game and my knowledge is getting better,” he said. “I am a student of the game and everything is coming into place for me. I am just preparing myself for college and am maturing early.

“The passing and the running was always there, I think I am just physically better… faster, quicker, and stronger. I have just been working on everything in the offseason and getting better all around.”

Fresh off a dazzling performance Friday night, Davis tripped to Gainesville for the second weekend in a row. The first week was disappointing because he wanted to see the new Florida offense in action. But, Saturday was anything but disappointing.

“I think it was very explosive and very exciting to watch,” Davis said of the Florida offense. “It kept everyone out of their seats. I see that they got everyone involved and a lot of freshmen playing. I am just really pleased with what they are doing.

“I can definitely see myself in Florida’s offense making explosive plays and making people miss in space and stuff like that. I appreciate the route they are going and how they can use me.”

Davis stuck around a little while after the game and spent time with receiver coach Chris Leak among others.

“I was in the office with Coach Leak hanging with him,” he said. “I was with the other coaches also, but every time I go there Coach Leak and I always chat. I went to him as my position coach. Coach Leak and I, besides Coach Muschamp have one of the strongest relationships. We just talk about how I can be successful and what I need to do. We talk about life and how football helps transition into life. It isn’t always about football; it’s about how I can be great at what I need to do.

Davis is a little bit of a different prospect when it comes to the recruiting process. His older brother is Chris Davis who was recruited and signed with Florida State in 2002 as a 5-star highly recruited prospect. The family somewhat of a Nole family since then, but Ryan says that his older brother knows that things could be different this time around.

“He doesn’t care,” Ryan said of Chris’ influence on the recruiting process. “He wants what is best for me. At the end of the day he knows it’s a business decision. He knows what goes into it and wants me to be successful. At the end of the day it is my life and I have to live with the decision I make. He knows Florida State might not be the right choice for me.”

As for his father, Ryan finally got him to check out Gainesville a week before the season started and his father gave the okay liking what he saw of the program. His dad has been a Nole, but not really forever.

“Really I guess he was a Florida State fan when my brother was playing for them,” Ryan said of his father. “Growing up he was a Nebraska guy, he liked the option, Tommy Frazier and stuff like that.”

To make it a bit stranger for Davis, his first cousin is gator junior defensive end Dante Fowler. Fowler doesn’t hesitate in telling Davis what he should do.

“He just says to become a Gator,” Davis said of Fowler with a bit of a laugh. “He says it is the best decision he ever made. He says the coaches are always talking about me and they wonder what they need to do. He says I will be a perfect fit for the offense. He is always talking about me and asking about me. That is big too.

“I talk to him all the time. I was with him and his brother after the game. We sat with each other at the recruiting session.”

Davis also got a taste of his fame while at the Gator game. He was a bit surprised, but you can tell it made an impression when all the excitement was going on and fans were picking him out in the crowd.

“The atmosphere is always great and the fans are always great,” Davis said of The Swamp. “One of the exciting things was that one of the fans came up and didn’t know for sure it was me. He came up and asked if I was Ryan Davis who goes to Lakewood? He said “don’t do what your brother did… come to UF. He said come play teams like Alabama and LSU and don’t go play teams like Duke and Wake Forest. You need to be here”. That was pretty exciting to me.”

And that statement is something that does ring true to Davis.

“It is definitely the most talented conference,” he said of the SEC. “The publicity you get, and I guess most players that play in the SEC get more respect. Others may be just as good as SEC players, but the respect is bigger for the SEC player because of the competition they play. That is one thing I love… is being able to play against others in the SEC.”

It appears Florida has a lot of everything going for it, but the process isn’t done for Davis. He will visit other programs before coming to a decision after the season.

“I know my dad wants to attend a Florida State game, so we will do that,” he said about visits. “I will try and take some officials also. I will take Florida and Florida State officials at the end of the season. Every other official I will probably take during the season so I can see the different atmospheres.”

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