Questions for the enemy; Florida-Kentucky

The Florida Gators are going for their 28th win in a row over Kentucky this Saturday, but the Wildcats present a better challenge than they have in the recent past. The members at had some questions about the Wildcats and the publisher for helped fill in some blanks for our crowd.

Drummond has covered Kentucky sports and recruiting since 1988, so there are few with the insight he has in the program. He joined is answering several questions from our crowd.

FG Member: Kentucky only scored 20 against sub-par competition. How Do you think Kentucky's offense will fair against Florida's defense?

Jeff Drummond: Last week's game against Ohio was a tough one to gauge. For starters, Ohio was much better on the defensive side of the ball than the offensive side. It was legit in the front seven, and showed Kentucky a lot of different looks/slants that some of the inexperienced players at QB, O-Line and WR had not seen before. I expect Florida to do some of the same based on that film, only -- obviously -- with a lot more athleticism. Kentucky moved the ball all day long -- jumping out to a 14-0 lead after its first two possessions -- but bogged down a bit after that. The Cats missed out on four trips into scoring territory and two trips into the red zone, including no points on a first-and-goal from the 2. So the score could have easily been more like 30-3, 33-3 or even 37-3.

FG Member: How have fan's expectations changed over the past couple weeks being that they have already matched their win total from a year ago?

Jeff Drummond: "Expectations really haven't changed much at all based on the first two games. The fan base has been what I'd best describe as cautiously optimistic. There have been a lot of "Let's see what they do against Florida" comments before they get too giddy. But this program CLEARLY has more momentum than it has had in a long time thanks to Stoops' recruiting skills."

FG Member: Your new coach, Stoops, seems like a nice fit, how do the fans like him?

Jeff Drummond: "He's beloved. The common misconception is that UK fans don't really care about football and are just counting down the days to basketball. That could not be further from the truth. They've been starving for football success, to join in the fun the rest of the SEC has in the fall. Stoops is helping give them a chance by recruiting better than any coach who has ever been in Lexington."

FG Member: How does Kentucky special teams expect to slow down Florida's Special teams?

Jeff Drummond: "Great question. Special teams have always seem to be a major mismatch in UK-UF matchups, with the possible exception of when Derek Abney played here. The Gators have feasted on blocked punts, big returns and just huge swaps in field position against the Cats. That's got to be a big concern for Stoops & Co. Special teams have not been very good in UK's first two games."

FG Member: In the 3 facets (offense, defense, special teams) of the game which team do you give the advantage to in each one?

Jeff Drummond: "I don't think I could give the advantage to Kentucky in any phase of the game at this point. If we broke it down by position, the Cats may have an edge at a couple of spots (maybe even D-Line, oddly, for perhaps the first time in the modern history of this series) but until I see them head-to-head, I'd have to give the benefit of the doubt to the Gators' athletes."

FG Member: Did Stoops cringe over JoJo's statements?

Jeff Drummond: "Stoops was none too pleased about Jojo Kemp's comments, but also noted that they could easily be taken out of context. I was with Jojo for his entire interview (that lasted 4-5 minutes) and he mostly said all the standard, respectful things about Florida. He was asked toward the end how he would react IF the Cats won the game, and I think he gave an honest answer. Maybe not the best answer to go on the record, but an honest one. These guys are hungry to finally get that monkey off their backs."

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