Redman Reaction: Florida Offense vs Alabama

It was an ugly outing for Florida on both sides of the ball, but the offense had some issues we are used to. Dropped passes, errant throws, turnovers, and other things that could go wrong did so in big numbers. We take a look at every play of the offense and dissect it after watching each play over and over and in slow motion. There are a few things to like as well, and talk about it all.

We broke it down by series and then made some comments about each at the end.

1st series – (1st-10) quick roll out pass to Demarcus Robinson (3), Jeff Driskel seems to rush the throw. (2nd-7) Matt Jones inside zone run for (0) (Green injured). (3rd -7) drop back pass and Driskel throws into coverage 15 yards and incomplete. Drive killer: Middle run for zero yards.

2nd series – (1st -10) Driskel misses a chance to tie the game on first play, overthrows Demarcus Robinson by a step deep down the right sieline. (2nd-10) Nice play off of play action, quick hitter to Buton for (18) and Driskel makes a nice read not handing off and actually throwing the ball. (1st-10) Zone read and Driskel keeps, but Bama has everything covered and smothered with a CB blitz. Loss of (-6). (2nd-16) Driskel throws a deep corner shot to Latroy Pittman who catches but just barely out of bounds. (3rd-16) Good protection, but Driskel doesn’t have a target to hit and throws out of bounds. Drive Killer: QB keeper on 1st down that lost 6-yards.

3rd series - From 31 yards out. (1st-10) Power runwith the QB, Driskel takes it outside instead of hitting it up the middle. Gets (3) yards, looks like he would have had more if he foollowed the plan of the play. (2nd-7) Rushed pass, but Jones short arms a possible catch and screen goes incomplete (0). (3rd -7) Beautiful play on a blitz from Bama. Rod Johnson with a beautiful block on the right side from the pass rusher there. Valdez Showers gets mismatched on a safety, Driskel throws a beautifl pass with touch 22 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and Showers untouched for the (TD). Drive Superlative: The touchdown play.

4th series – (1st-10) Taylor on a counter run over let side for (4). (2nd-6) Zone Read run and Driskel keeps for (-2). (3rd-8) Driskel signals to Dunbar and slot guy about the right look, great protection with Taylor picking up a blitzing linebacker. Driskel throws a bullet to Dunbar who had 13 yards, but dropped the ball. Drive Killer: Dropped 3rd down pass by Dunbar.

5th series – (1st-10) Matt Jones inside zone run finds a crease for (11). The entire middle of the line had a surge of 2.5 yards before the Jones even got to the crease that he found. He trucks the safety for the final 2 yards. (1st-10) Power run this time over right guard and Jones met at the LOS, but gets three yards after hit. (2nd-8) Inside zone again, good OL push again, but Jones decides to dip it outside instead and picks up (7) (3rd-1) QB counter play again an Driskel gets (8). (1st-10) Quick screen outside to Debose. He looks lost before the ball is even snapped. Ball was thrown a little behind and the play loses (-3) yards. (2nd-13) Driskel tries to get the ball to Robinson in the short field and in man coverage, but Robinson slides in the stop route and he and Driskel not on same page (incomplete). (3rd-13) Interception thrown deep, overthrown to man running the seam route. INT may have been helped by tight end Goolsby running wrong route and within three yards of intended receiver Pittman. Drive Killer: Screen pass going backward for (-3) yards.

6th series – Ball at +35 (1st-10) Power run play for Kelvin Taylor. Nothing going there as he hits the hole and he gets (1) yard. (2nd-9) Driskel tried to hit Showers on same route as touchdown on opposite (right) side of the field, safety help came and knocked the ball away at the last second. Picture perfect pocket for Driskel with a 5-man rush from Bama. (3rd-9) (Penalty) Illegal man down field on a pass play. That was on Taylor as two linemen were downfield, he was covered up when the ball should have been thrown and he moved forward instead of lateral to stay behind the line of scrimmage. (3rd-14) Alabama stunts on the outside and Chaz Green manuevers the wrong way and then has to reach and miss his guy. Driskel hit as he throws to a receiver that likely would have moved the ball 10 yards and in field goal position. Instead they punt. Drive Killer: Penalty on 3rd -9 took them out of field goal position.

7th series – (1st-10) Driskel QB Power run and Driskel gets (9). (2nd-1) Fumble by Matt Jones. Looked like a clean handoff to me and Jones was looking for contact and not receiving the ball. With zone blocking he had the outside sealed and started heading that way before the ball popped out. Drive Killer: Fumble by Jones.

8th series – (1st-10) Inside zone to Taylor who gets just (4). Not as much movement on this one up front. (2nd-6) Boot leg roll out left by Driskel, two linebackers right there with him and he gets Burton for (6). (1st-10) Fade pattern on right hits Andre Debose in the face mask for (20) yards and the ball falls incomplete. Beautiful protection, beautiful throw and all for not. (2nd-10) Hook route to Robinson and Driskel overthrows. Great protection again. (3rd-10) Driskel scrambles right and gets 4 yards. Forced to punt. Drive killer: Debose dropping the ball with sun in his eyes.

9th series – 1:44 left on clock (1st-10) Inside zone to Jones and no surge, gets (1). (2nd-9) Inside zone to Jones who doesn’t have anything, cuts outside and gets (5). (3rd-4) Inside zone and Jones gets (2). End of half.

2nd Half

10th series – ball on (-16) (1st-10) Inside zone with Kelvin T and nothing there, he cuts outside for (2). (2nd-8) Zone lead with KT lead blocking for Driskel and did an outstanding job. The entire OLine was text book on the play as well. Trip Thurman really sealed his guy and did it legally. Driskel hits it between Max Garcia and Thirman and reads Taylors block for the (14) yard (TD). Drive Superlative: Driskels run and the excellent blocking.

11th series – (1st-10) Inside zone, great movement up front on an inside zone run for Matt Jones and he gets (5). (2nd-5) Power run and Jones wasn’t quite patient enough and cuts it outside. F he hits it in the hole he gets more, but does get (3) yards. (3rd-2) Inside zone, Bama brings safety blitz off the edge. Too many to block and they stuff Jones at the LOS for (0). Drive Killer: Not converting on 3rd and 2, a lot of people complaining about running the ball three times there, but when you look at the down and distance on the three plays I have no issue with the play calling. They got 5 yards on 1st, 3 yards on 2nd, you should be able to convert the 2 yards and ran it well enough all day to do that.

12th series – (1st-10) Roll out pass from Driskel to Dunbar for (16). (1st-10) Driskel goes deep to Robinson. Gives him a channce by underthrowing, ends up with pass interference (penalty) on Bama. (1st-10) Driskel goes back to Robinson and the two aren’t on the same page, Driskel throws it outside, Robinson runs more to the hash. (2nd-10) Driskel on lead draw, Thurman is engaged with Jarran Reed, but Reed breaks away and gets Driskel for no gain (0). (3rd-10) Driskel ested All-American safety Landon Collins over the middle and lost. Interception by Collins on a nice play. Still not a good throw. Drive Killer: The draw on 2nd down not getting anything put them in bad down and distance on 3rd down.

13th series – (1st-10) Drop back pass. Thurman doesn’t stay on his block and Driskel is forced to run and scrambles for (18). (1st-10) High snap and inside zone run for Jones who gets (3). (2nd-7) Out pass to Robinson for (8) yards. Good timing by both. (1st-10) Almost hits Burton on a 15 yard pass, but a ball that may have been slightly tipped wasn’t easy to catch. Still hit him in the hands and dropped. (2nd-10) Had Dunbar for first down, but ball tipped at LOS and incomplete. (3rd-10) Robinson not even watching for the ball 20 yards down the field, nearly hits him in stride. (4th-10) Just not a good throw by Jeff. Throws otut of bounds, intended for Fulwood. Drive Killer: Drop by Burton or maybe Robinson not finding the ball deep on 3rd down.


Lets look at the drive killers… (1) Inside zone for (0) yards on (2nd-7). (2) then a QB keeper that nets (-6) due to CB blitz, that Driskel missed and makes it (2nd -16. (3) Dropped 3rd down pass by Dunbar. (4) Screen pass to Debose for (-3). (5) Penalty for illegal man down field, Kelvin should have stayed behind the LOS on a screen pass. (6) The fumble by Matt Jones. (7) Debose dropping the ball with the sun in his eyes. (8) Not converting on a 3rd and 2, another DB blitz got to the ball carrier. (9) Lead Draw and Driskel keeper for (0) on 2nd down makes it (3rd-10). (10) Drop by Clay Burton and/or Robinson not looking for the ball 20 yards down field.

Quarterback: Too much of the credit when they win, too much blame when they lose. Driskel didn’t play well, but there were times when he made plays when nobody else seemed to be capable of doing it. So I don’t think he should be as ridiculed as much as he has been. But, at the end of the day the guy behind center has to be a spark for the offense to get things going and that has to be both with his feet and his arm. He has to make other players make plays. That isn’t happening one way or another.

Running back: The fumble by Jones really hurt but he ran strong most of the rest of the day. Kelvin really didn’t get enough chances to see what he might have done.

Receiver: Responsible for three drive killers because of drops in my opinion. Driskel is taking so much heat, but they have to help him out.

Offensive Line: Maybe their best game in a long long time, especially in pass protection. They were solid on almost every snap defending the pass rush and they were certainly not out-classed at any position. They were respectable to good in run blocking often times pushing the front 2-3 yards on zone plays. I am actually very impressed and upbeat about this one unit on offense after this game.

Coaching: They made it a point to try and get Debose on the field to make plays and that didn’t work out at all, but they tried. They used Driskel well in the run game for the most part. I have very little issue with the play calling including the one series where we ran the ball three times in the third quarter and punted. We had positive plays on the first to to set up a 3rd and 2 and then we just couldn’t get 2 yards on that play. The penalties on offense and the line were way down to almost non-existent. I would have liked to see Kelvin get the ball more and maybe get the ball to the receivers in the short field, but Bama plays so wide up front I understand the difficulty.

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