Davis sees an opportunity at Florida

Ryan Davis was in The Swamp Saturday night and came away both impressed with the atmosphere and believing he could make a difference.

For Ryan Davis, Saturday night in The Swamp was another good one, even if the outcome for the host school wasn’t something to be desired. Davis watched on as LSU beat Florida 30-27 with a field goal in the waning seconds of the game and saw a team that tried, but the execution failed enough not to produce a victory when it was there for the taking. He also saw an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

“It was loud and turnt,” Davis said by phone on Sunday. “Everyone was really into the game, a really extreme atmosphere. The biggest thing I took from it was that at Florida you play in big games. You have to come up big. The fans are going to be into it. It says a lot with at atmosphere like that.”

He also drew some conclusions from watching the play on the field.

“Looking at this game… there are some opportunities when your number is called, you have to make plays,” Davis said. “Big players step up in clutch moments. Opportunities like the dropped touchdown pass or a blown coverage could have cost the game.”

So would a guy like him make a difference for a team that hasn’t been able to really do much with the ball offensively?

“Of course I think that, if I go there I have to come in and learn the plays and get acclimated, but my job there would be to go in and make plays,” he said. “They are recruiting me because they feel like I can make plays. You just have to take advantage of your opportunities when your number is called.”

Davis has been to a couple of games this year in The Swamp and has visited Florida several times since July. There loss last night hasn’t changed his thoughts on the Gators.

“It hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “You can’t control what people before you did. I think it is a positive that I can get on the field early and make an impact.”

He spent a great deal of time after the game with receiver’s coach Chris Leak.

“My Dad and I were in Coach Leak’s office for about an hour or two after the game and talking about the game and stuff they need,” Davis said. “He said if I come there I would definitely see the field right away. He said they need help there at the position. He keeps telling me how I remind him so much of Percy Harvin.”

Davis has only one more visit lined up at the moment and that is this coming weekend he heads to Florida State where they take on Notre Dame. Nothing else has been decided.

Stay tuned as we follow the recruitment of one of the more exciting prospects in all of high school football here on Scout.com.

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