GALLERY: CeCe Jefferson US Army All-American

Glen St. Mary (Fla.) Baker County 5-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson was awarded with his US Army Bowl jersey on Wednesday…

Listening to Baker County head coach Tom MacPherson, and you can understand just why coaches are drawn to CeCe Jefferson and it goes beyond his play on the field.

“He is one of the best players in the country and one of the first things I could tell right away was how dynamic of a personality he has,” MacPherson said of Jefferson in front of a crowd gathered to watch his acceptance into the US Army All-American Bowl. “With all of the things he goes through, as an 18 year old kid I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to handle it the way he does.”

MacPherson talked about Jefferson being a huge factor both as an athlete, but as a guy that knows the game of football.

“He’s extremely football smart,” MacPherson said. “His talent on film speaks for itself and is so easy to see. But, I was so impressed with how smart he is as a football player. That is something that will have you seeing him playing not only for the next four years, but also on Sunday, I guarantee you that.”

Jefferson is also known for his Twitter game. The social medium gets a new eyeful from him quite often during this recruiting process.

“In today’s world of social media, I don’t know if there is anyone better at spinning it and twisting it,” MacPherson said. “He is good at what he does. He understands how to play the game they are playing with them. He understands that as a top recruit that all the schools are playing a game with him and he does a phenomenal job of playing the game back.”

But MacPherson wasn’t saying that Jefferson is all fun and games.

“He handles things with a great deal of class and respect,” he said. was on hand at the announcement and here are some photos of the event.

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