For the love of the game

Young Blake Osterman is a seventh grader and a young baseball fan that wants to make it one day as a sports writer.

For some it isn’t easy making it through grade school. Different folks deal with different things when they grow up, and sometimes they need an outlet. For young Osterman his love is baseball, but he also likes to write. He would like to share that love with you guys in this quick write up about his favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinals Fanatic

By Blake Osterman

I’m a baseball fan because if you could think of one sport and one thing that compares to the sport of baseball, you wouldn’t find anything. I love the sport just as much as I love my mom and dad. The game is a big reason why I’m the kid I am today: smart, good at sports, and eager to be a sports writer. I want to be a sports writer because for my job, I want to watch the game I love the most and then write about it. That’s basically the true definition of loving your job.

I watch baseball because there’s a little team called the St. Louis Cardinals that dates back to the early 1900s. This team’s got a lot of history, with many Hall of Famers, such as “Stan The Man” Musial, the “Lighting Bolt on the Base Path,” Lou Brock, the “Houdini on the Mound” Bob Gibson, and “The Wizard Of Oz,” known for his flips and great plays at shortstop, Ozzie Smith.

I started watching baseball the day after my dad let me try out for tee-ball. He was my coach, and the day after tryouts, I literally watched the opening season game for the Cardinals and saw Albert Pujols hit a grand slam his first time up. I can’t believe I didn’t know who Albert Pujols was then, but now I definitely know who he is!

What I like about baseball is nothing repeats itself and you never know how a game will turn out. There are really no game-deciding hits or plays unless it’s a walk-off hit or a home run. Why wouldn’t you want to watch a team where almost every night there are forty-plus-thousand fans at their stadium? The first thing I remember as a fan was when Mark McGuire hit a walk-off home run to clinch a spot in the postseason.

Over the years that I have been watching, they have progressed so much as a team, as a franchise, and as a group of young and talented players. The team is so electrifying that it’s mind-boggling to me. The Cardinals specialize in keeping you excited and on your toes!

The past two years, the St. Louis Cardinals can arguably be called the best team in baseball. The manager Mike Matheney (who played as a catcher in his day of playing ball) has led them to the playoffs twice, which is what every team strives for. Making it to the postseason twice in a row as a new manager is pretty good, but he didn’t do it alone. He has many great coaches helping the players get better, and a young and talented offensive and defensive team.

The team has many young rookies, such as Matt Adams, a well-known home run giant. He stands at the same height as my dad: a good, tall 6’7”, and weighs a little over 300 pounds. Adams plays the same position as some of the greats, like number 42 Jackie Robinson and the Yankee, Lou Gehrig. Adam’s position play at first is stellar. As a lefty leadoff hitter, Matt Carpenter bent all the rules by being a rookie, not playing a full season, yet still going to the World Series. He stepped up, making a switch from second to third after a trade left the Cardinals with a bad situation. It was pretty hard to replace Matt Carpenter at second base, but Kolten Wong was able to do it. Wong is small at a height of 5’9”, but that doesn’t stop him from making substantial stats with great speed on the base path. He was definitely a good pickup.

My Favorite player by far is Stan “The Man” Musial, who recently died in 2013. He will never be forgotten by the Cardinals franchise or in the whole MLB. With standings on many ranking leader-boards and number six on the all-time hits list, he was (as author Blake Osterman says) “one he** of a player!” One thing that impresses me about Musial was that he took time off to serve in the war, then came back and played even longer. I like him so much because when you devote almost a quarter of your life to baseball, you have to be respected, especially considering he played alongside greats like Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams and he was STILL considered the best. When you can do that, you’ve got to be pretty darn good!

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