Questions with the enemy; Florida-Georgia publisher Dean Legge took some time to answer questions from the members at about the team he covers daily. The Gators come into the game on a down note while the Bulldogs are riding into Jacksonville as a top 10 team behind the running of Nick Chubb (above).

Legge was gracious enough to take his time out to answer the following questions from our members.

FG Question: Does Richt even want to use Gurley this week, seeing that he probably not going to be needed?

Dean Legge: I am sure if Gurley is available Georgia is going to use him. I’m not aware of a time where Richt and Georgia have taken a win over the Gators for granted. If Gurley is available, as unlikely as it now seems, he will play.

FG Question: It makes them look that much better than the Semis, having him miss another game, and he doesn't risk injury against a team they should beat with ease. Do you think he plays Saturday?

Dean Legge: I don’t think Gurley will play at this time. It seems very unlikely that the NCAA will reverse its ruling on the Gurley case.

FG Question: Given limited film on Treon Harris, how do you game plan against a QB you haven't seen very much of?

Dean Legge: I think that’s a great question. Georgia really doesn’t know what’s coming at them. Harris has played such limited time, and in many cases that was at or near the end of ball games. Obviously, that’s an advantage for the Gators the same way it is a disadvantage that he’s not played much this season.

It’s all what you want to believe. I think the truth is that if Harris was better than Driskel he would have been playing more earlier in the season. Muschamp would have played the better player - that or he’s nuts.

FG Question: To what do you attribute the recent surge by Georgia?

Dean Legge: Georgia’s defense has played much, much better. They’ve moved some guys around in the secondary, and that’s made a huge difference. Damian Swann, who has exploded of late, was move to the “star” position, and that’s the point at which the defense started taking off. At the same time, the defense ditched the style they were playing in the first two games of the season. With the exception of the win over Tennessee, Georgia has really played well on defense ever since. Even against the Vols, the defense scored a touchdown. So it is a matter of a few personnel changes coupled with significant confidence.

FG Question: If you were Florida how would you attack the Georgia defense?

Dean Legge: I’d try to get the ball to Demarcus Robinson in space as early in the game as possible. I’d not give up on the run even if its not easy all at the start of the game. Robinson seems special, and I’m not totally sure how Georgia can or will deal with him. But they might not really have to if the Gators can’t run effectively. Georgia is pretty good on third and long - actually very good - so those are the types of situations that the Gators just can’t get into. Staying around 3rd and 5 should be fine.

FG Question: Is there any part of the Georgia offense that they are worried about?

Dean Legge: I think Hutson Mason is the person that has to play well for Georgia to win. That doesn’t mean throwing for 200 yards. That means taking care of the ball and making sure not to have any dumb plays when he’s pressured. He’s played well of late after two shaky games against the Vols and Vanderbilt. Even when Mason wasn’t playing great, Georgia still scored in bunches. If Mason plays well Georgia is going to score.

FG Question: Do you think with success you’re having this year that Mike Bobo will get any interest for a head coaching position?

Dean Legge: I am sure Bobo will get a look at some point because he’s really very qualified and has shown over nearly a decade of coaching that he can develop quarterback in a way most folks can’t. Quarterback is the biggest position on the field, so Bobo is eventually going to get his shot. But it is going to have to be a good spot because he’s not just going to leave.

FG Question: We know Georgia is a heavy favorite here. How can they lose the game?

Dean Legge: Because they are playing the Gators.

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