Donovan: Gators aren't ‘convicted, committed'

The Florida players are showing effort on the court in practice, but past that, there’s not a lot that excites coach Billy Donovan.

The attention to detail isn’t where it needs to be. When a shot goes up, players aren’t going up to rebound the ball or block somebody out. The big men are struggling to consistently run the floor with the consistency Donovan wants. The list of issues is long, and there’s less than one week left before Florida hosts Barry University on November 6.

“We’re not convicted or committed to anything,” Billy Donovan said. “And that’s not a good recipe right now. Their attitude has been good. They work, but I mean we are not good at anything.

“The only thing I’d say we’re good at right now is we’re unselfish. That’s the only thing I’d say. I’d say that we have a long, long way to go right now. But a lot of it’s going to be their conviction and their commitment to what goes into winning. And that’s going to be I think something that they don’t understand that part of it.

The issues for Donovan consist of most things other than shooting or scoring. The team is playing unselfish and passing the ball, but players are becoming too concerned with whether or not their shot goes in, ignoring the other aspects to the game.

“Their idea of playing well is when I shoot, score and make shots,” Donovan said. “That’s probably about five percent of the game. The other 95 percent of the game is going to be things you have to do inside the game where the ball’s not in your hands. And we don’t have a concept or a clue about that right now, and I’m hopeful we can get better at that.”

Big men struggling to run the floor aren’t new for Donovan. Patric Young went through the same transition before his sophomore year. He came off the bench as a freshman and didn’t understand the consistent effort necessary to be a starter on the team.

Those are the challenges the Florida big men are going through in practice. Chris Walker and Dorian Finney-Smith will be counted on for bigger minutes this year and have to show better energy to handle running the floor as long as they are on the court.

“We have all this stuff in and we don’t know what we are doing,” Donovan said. “We’re totally overwhelmed. We’re not committed physically to do anything right now. We’re not physical right now and we’ve got to get better at those things. They try hard, they work hard, they’re coachable, they’re great from that standpoint. There’s no bad attitudes.”

“But when things get difficult, they give in right now. We’ve got to get better at that.”

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