Five for Georgia

The Gators are two touchdown underdogs, but in this hard hitting, anything goes matchup with Georgia, Florida can win if it does a few things in this game that will play out starting at 3:30 P.M. on Saturday at Jacksonville’s Everbank Field. Here are five things the Gators need to see happen if they want to win the SEC East contest.

Slow down the Georgia running game… It doesn’t matter that Todd Gurley is out, Nick Chubb has stepped right up into his shoes and done a big time job. In the two games Chubb has been pressed into starting duty, he ran for 155 yards against Missouri and 202 yards against Arkansas. The Gators have to keep him under wraps to a great extent if they are going to have a chance Saturday.

Win the turnover battle… Since going +8 in turnover ratio in the first four games, the Gators are now even giving up 16 and taking away 16 turnovers. Georgia leads the country at +13 and has taken the ball away 17 times while turning it over only four times. The constant ground game helps on offense, but it is the Gator offense that really has to stay away from giving the ball up.

Have to run the ball…The worry here is to go too conservative with Treon Harris making his first start at quarterback. Still, the Gators have to be able to run the ball in this game. They can’t put that much pressure on Harris. This isn’t going to be easy as Georgia is second in the conference in rushing defense (105 yds. per game), and that is after playing a run heavy Arkansas.

Take advantage of passing opportunities… play action should be big in this game for the Gators. Relying on the running game, means you want to have times where Harris can take advantage. Georgia has given up 10 touchdowns through the air this year, actually more than the Gators. One thing we expect from Harris is a better ability to make the quality deep throw, it needs to happen on Saturday.

Win the line of scrimmage… If they are going to run the ball well and pass with efficiency as mentioned above, it goes without saying that they likely are winning things up front on offense., Likewise, controlling the Georgia running game means they have to be winning the battles up front on defense. But, they also need to win third down defense and when they force Georgia to throw they need to make sure that quarterback Hutson Mason can’t just sit back there unscathed.

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