Brown: It’s just great being a Florida Gator

For Florida commitment George Brown, going against the best is what it is all about. That is why he committed to the University of Florida, one of the top programs in the best conference in all of college football. Brown is one of those guys that are always working to get better.

“My season is over,” George Brown said with disappointment. “We didn’t make it to the playoffs. I played really well and a lot more technically sound. Before the season I worked out on my athleticism even more, I was able to play real athletic and get to the second level very well.”

It is his drive to get better that likely drew the Florida staff to an early offer for brown in which he finally committed to just before the football season started. That and the fact that on a 6-foot-7, 275 pound body he shows the athleticism to be an elite lineman at the next level.

“Coach Summers and Coach Muschamp say I am really athletic, that I finish off plays and they love how I can get to the second level,” Brown said before talking about any expectations he might have for his freshman year at Florida. “I think if I continue to work hard and get my weight up, everything will fall into place.”

He says he doesn’t really pattern his game after anyone else. Brown just works hard and gets coached up and is anticipating the day he gets to line up at practice at Florida and practice against top talent.

“I just think I have my own game,” he said. “Every person has their own way. I definitely play nasty, you wouldn’t be able to play football is you didn’t have any nastiness. I am so looking forward to going against guys that are just as good or better, it keeps me motivated and keeps me going to be better.”

What a week a difference makes among fans in college football. One week after the worst game in the Will Muschamp tenure at Florida, the Gators have likely their best game of the Muschamp tenure. Brown has always been a believer in what they are doing at Florida right now and he says he expects a big finish from these Gators.

The bombardment of fans on social networks with the anti-Muschamp talk isn’t something he is worried about and he will visit unofficially for the South Carolina game next week.

“I believe we can win these next four games,” he said. “The people on Twitter don’t bother me. I really like Coach Summers; he’s a really great offensive line coach. I just really love the University of Florida and know that Coach Summers will be able to develop me into a better player.”

If you follow Brown on Twitter (@MADDAWG_G) you know all too well that he is one of the top recruiters in the Gator class. He and the rest of the guys still hanging on continue to work the top rated players to be a part.

“I just want to make our class one of the top classes, so we can get down there and win a national championship,” brown said. “We have group messages, so we will tell everyone to text so-and-so to see what is going on. Those guys will get nine messages from each and every one of us.”

It is simple for brown who hasn’t thought one bit about going elsewhere since well before his public commitment.

“It is just great being a Florida Gator,” he said.

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