Video: Fulwood, Gators with chip on shoulder

Ahmad Fulwood sees a big change in this Gator team...

Ahmad Fulwood showed a few glimpses Saturday night of what a lot of people expected out of him when he signed with Florida in 2013. The 6-foot-4, 200 pound receiver caught a 48 yard pass against Vanderbilt and finishing with 62 yards on two catches the Gators 34-10 win.

The Gators got a huge lift Saturday night from the terrific play of freshman quarterback Treon Harris. Fulwood says that Harris has this Florida offense feeling confident and his cool and calm demeanor is infectious even among the older guys in the unit.

Fulwood continues on saying that the current offense is playing with a chip on it's shoulder from all of the negative talk stemming from their early play on the season. They are starting to find balance and use the running game or the passing to compliment each other when the other is needed.

Here are a few of these snippets and more from Fulwood's time with the media on Tuesday.

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