My early thoughts...

Here are some post game thoughts on what I think is going to happen with the loss to South Carolina Saturday in The Swamp...

There comes a time when you have to do what you have to do. We have reached that tie in th Will Muschamp era at Florida. A win snatched from them in the waning seconds of the game on Saturday sent ths Gator team and fans spiraling out of The Swamp disgusted as they have been for most of the last two years.

here are my quick thoughts on some things that will transpire moving forward, and we have it all posted on the message boards at Fightin' Gators

I have been oing this for a long tim now. I was on the Ron Zook staff back in 2003 and got into this business a year before he was let go. I have a pretty good idea of what is going to go down.

Come give it a look at the following link.

Bob Redman's Quick Thoughts on the current situation

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