Assistants still doing their jobs

When Saturday’s game at Florida State comes to an end, Will Muschamp’s time as the head coach will, too. But the Florida assistants will stay on staff and hit the recruiting trail soon after.

It’s an awkward time for the Florida assistants. They don’t know where they’ll be at next season, but when the Florida State game ends on Saturday, they have to get back to recruiting.

Last week, Will Muschamp talked to the assistants and told them they needed to continue doing their jobs. They’ll continue to prepare the team for this weekend’s game in Tallahassee, and then the focus turns to recruiting and the bowl game preparations. Muschamp also made it clear he has not been involved in recruiting since he was fired by Jeremy Foley following the South Carolina game.

"I told the staff 'do your job, do your job. You get hired by the University of Florida to do your job, and that's to coach and to recruit and that's to represent this university first class, and that's what you do.' Our staff needs to continue to recruit and represent Florida,” Muschamp said. “It's a great place to come to school and play football and that's what those guys are doing.

“You get hired to do a job and that's your job. Go do your job."

Muschamp continues to claim that other programs haven’t contacted him for jobs next season. His assistants will have to balance that for themselves in the the coming months. They’ll be on staff until the bowl game and could be kept for the future depending on what the new head coach decides.

But for now, the assistants continue making calls to prospects Florida has been recruiting. It’s a unique situation for the assistants, but recruits are understanding of what’s happening in Gainesville while the assistants continue to talk to them about the history of the program and the university itself.

“You just keep doing what you’re asked to do and what you’re responsible for doing, and I think everybody out there really understands the situation and handles it well,” Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper said. “That’s our responsibility.

“The whole conversation simply is ‘Florida is the University of Florida,’ and coach has said it, whoever they hire is going to be a good football coach. This is going to be a good football program, and so I think kids understand that.”

The coordinators say it hasn’t been hard to focus on doing their jobs. They’ve been coaching for a long time so the routine of the job can be therapeutic for them at times.

“We have a great staff of guys that are very professional in what they do and they will continue to do their job,” Florida defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin said.

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