Fives for FSU

It is going to be a typical nasty brawl in Tallahassee Saturday afternoon. The Gators take on the Seminoles at 3:30 pm while facing different circumstances to end the year. Despite that, this looks to be a good contest with some things that will make a difference one way or another. Here are some things to watch for on Saturday.


Gators last team to beat them… If you didn’t know that by now, it is true and they did it in the place where the two are meeting Saturday afternoon. Twenty-seven games in a row and Florida really has nothing to lose except maybe a slightly better bowl than they are headed to now. Florida State has a ton on the line.

Difficulty vs. Muschamp defenses… With healthy defenses in his first two years, Muschamp’s guys allowed just 95 total yards in 2011 and just 300 yards in 2012. There was a different quarterback at the helm in those two years and Jameis Winston does make a difference, but it has been an issue for Jimbo. That defense needs to show up and do some things this weekend.

The air show… Florida State is currently ranked 11th in the country in passing offense raking in 214,9 yards per game thanks to Mr. Winston as the quarterback. At the same time they are 47th in the country in sacks allowed with 47, and with Winston still limping a bit that plays into the Gators hands a little bit.

Not by foot… The running game is a totally different thing. FSU is a surprising 104th in rushing offense gaining just 126.6 yards per game on the ground. There is no denying how they want to move the ball on offense.

Standing tall… Opposing quarterbacks have been able to avoid the pass rush of the Noles this year. FSU is currently ranked 102nd in the country in the sack category only getting to the quarterback 17 times in 11 games.


Take advantage… It is a down year for the FSU defense, They are giving up an average of 379.2 yards per game and re currently ranked 54th in the country in total defense. It is time to be balanced and attack a young group that has been going against ACC competition all season.

Let Treon use the full field… The Noles are really susceptible against the pass, ranked 70th in the country, they are giving up 230.4 yards per game through the air. They have a lot of youth that have made mistakes and Treon Harris needs to be able to use the entire field to take advantage of that.

Get after Jameis… He is hobbled, probably a little better than last week, but he isn’t running well. They have given up more sacks than usual this year and the Florida defense has done a pretty good job averaging 2.5 sacks a contest this season. They need to turn it up a notch on Saturday and keep Winston from getting into a groove.

Keep everything in front… It is a big game for the safeties. If you make FSU drive the field it gets a lot tougher on them. They are a big play defense that thrives on people making mistakes or their skill guys just over-matching their opponents. The Florida secondary and linebackers really have to tackle well in this game.

Move the chains… Florida State is okay against the run, 44th in the country and allowing 3,75 yards per carry and 149 yards per contest. The Gators need to make sure they get first down and for that, they need to be able to get good yardage early in a set of downs in the running game. The Gators are 37th in the country on the ground, they are healthy, and are averaging 197 yards per contest along with 4.47 yards per carry. A healthier Treon Harris will help here.

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