SEC Nation talks Florida-FSU

The voices of the SEC Network’s SEC Nation show had a lot to say about the big game with Florida and Florida State today. Tim Tebow, Marcus Spears and Paul Finebaum give their points on the action that will take place today in Tallahassee between the Gators and the Seminoles.

It is a big day between the SEC and the ACC conferences where the two groups that share the same geography are squaring off in a few games.

For the most part, the ranked teams in this instance come from the Atlantic Coast Conference and Gator Great Tim Tebow says the ACC has a little bit of advantage in the matches.

“These games really favor the ACC,” Tebow said. “You’ve got your top-tier teams from the ACC versus the average or the lower average teams in the SEC. The SEC could really make a statement today, or the ACC could step up and get some really big wins.”

Former LSU Tiger defensive lineman Marcus Spears is ready to settle who the better conference is. Forget the rankings, Spears says that it is time for each group to prove themselves.

“We’ll find out if college football is as tough in other conferences as it is in the SEC today,” Spears said. “You look at Florida/Florida State, you look at Clemson, and Louisville. All these guys are ranked. They’ve been playing good football. If these games are close and if some of these SEC teams win, I want to have a conversation with everybody in the country.”

Of course radio show host turned SEC commentator Paul Finebaum had to add his variety of comedy to the mix, taking a shot at the other conference and what they are most known for.

“I thought the ACC was a basketball league, but the SEC had two Final Four teams,” he said. “How’d you do ACC?”

The unranked Gators square off against power house Florida State who has to win the next two games to make the College Football Playoffs. It looks like a huge mismatch, but all of the hosts believe the Gators aren’t totally out of this one before it begins.

“I don’t buy Florida State, and neither does the public,” Finebaum said. “They’ve become the most polarizing team that I have seen in many, many years of watching college football. Every week people cheer against them, and every week we see the same result. Some people think that today will be a little bit different.”

Spears is putting a lot of stock in the fact that the two teams are rivals and tat they just don’t like each other. He knows how important this game is to The Sunshine State.

“These rivalry games are the games where your star players have to play like stars,” Spears said. “This is a platform for them to do it. The whole state of Florida will be rocking because of this game. If Florida steps up and make plays, they can really change the outcome of this game.

“Florida State has not lost a game in two years. There is some respect that needs to be given…They’ve found ways to win those ball games…I don’t want to discredit Florida State, but I will say, if they get behind on Florida, Florida has the type of makeup to not give up a lead.”

Tebow thinks that Florida needs to make this game a slug fest and use that SEC brute mentality to control the game.

“I think the key to this game is to make it a street fight,” Tebow said. “Do not make it about execution. Do not let Jameis Winston go off. Do not let them make big plays. You physically hand the ball off to Matt Jones and Kelvin Taylor. You make it a street fight. That’s Florida’s best chance…If they can eliminate the big plays from Florida State and make it a street fight, throwing punch for punch, then I think Florida’s got a chance.”

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