Time for a new era

Nobody said he never tried. Nobody said that his players didn’t compete. Both of these things people can agree on. But the game in Tallahassee Saturday night was a microcosm of what we have seen for four years and this year the athletes in orange and blue weren’t enough to overcome the conservative play calling of the coaching staff losing a very winnable game to Florida State 24-19.

In 2012, I was all in on it. Florida won 11 games that year with 12 guys starting on defense that are now playing in the NFL. Will Muschamp has recruited well at Florida, but he doesn’t have 12 starters on defense that will be playing professionally in the coming years. So, something had to change.

To be fair, I do get all of the issues they were overcoming in this game. There is the freshman quarterback that was apparently not of full health. There is playing on the road in a hostile environment. There is playing a very talented team with guys on the other side that can go toe-to-toe athletically, if not better than your guys.

But, there was nothing to lose here… except the game. When you have to settle for field goals on three short field scores to start the game and you do so by not really trying to pass the ball to get to the end zone, you set yourself up for a close loss.

It was a loss like we have seen so many times before.

Now, I don’t want to just rail on Will Muschamp. We all know he is a good man and has done a lot of things the right way for this Florida program. The last few weeks in Gainesville have been as good as it gets in terms of how he has accepted his fate and has moved on. His guys always play hard and they never quit on the guy.

But, the next guy has to be someone that doesn’t settle for field goals and playing defense.

Athletic Director Jeremy Foley has told us in not those exact words, that he wants an offensive minded coach to lead this program moving forward. There are a number of prime candidates of which we have discussed fervently on this site. This is the silly season for college football and the madness of the coaching search will not hit a crazy level of which we haven’t seen.

Whatever happens, the risk / reward ratio on offense is certainly going to be a factor moving forward, not like it has been for four years.

I know everyone that is a part of the Gator Nation is looking forward to that.

I also hope that they wish Muschamp well until he plays the Gators again. He’s a good man, and he does a lot of very good things. He just isn’t the right guy to lead this program right now.

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