Podcast: Gators and More on Jim McElwain

Denny Courson and Bob Redman go in-depth on the hiring of new Florida head football coach Jim McElwain

After a couple of days of a circus atmosphere, all the parties involved in the hiring of Jim McElwain from Colorado State to be the head coach at Florida worked out a pretty good deal for all involved and now the man is the next head coach.

The hire may not be the flashiest that Gator fans were looking for, but as you go in-depth into it McElwain really fits most everything Gator fans are looking for.

He certainly brings a high flying offense to Florida, finishing 13th in the country and 7th in passing offense so far in 2014. He also has a 1400 yard rusher and 1400 yard pass catcher this season so he knows how to get the ball to his best weapons and get things done that way.

Denny and Bob talk about all of this and more in the latest edition of the Gators and More Podcast.

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