Pertile has a decision to make

Florida hosted two official visitors over the weekend and head coach Jim McElwain got to spend time with one committed player and another that he wants to flip the commitment of. The latter is Mesa (Ariz.) Community College offensive tackle Brandon Pertile whop said he saw the things he needed to see from Florida to have a decision coming this week.

“It was a great time, honestly I really enjoyed it,” Brandon Pertile said by phone from the airport after his visit. “I saw everything I needed to see. I got to meet a lot of people and the coaches and get to know them little bit better. I got to see how good it will be.

“My parents got to see it and none of us have ever been to Gainesville and we were just blown away.”

Pertile says that offensive line coach Mike Summers will be retained according to what he was told before the visit and during and that he loved the support from the older players and former players that he witnessed while on hand during the weekend.

“I would say it was pretty cool that it is an organization that the older players and alumni come back through and mentor the young guys,” Pertile said. “I know how much that helps because there are times you can’t go to a coach with everything.”

He liked the facilities at Florida and said they were better than advertised.

“They have beautiful facilities, and I was really shocked,” he said. “It was a lot nicer than I really thought. Oklahoma State’s I would say are the best in the nation. If I had to give a trophy, they would get it. But, that would be only a part of the decision but at the end of the day you have to get used to wherever you are at.”

Pertile was hurt in game one of the season this year so he really never got to play for mesa. He starred as a true freshman at Georgia State, but the injury this year leaves some questions about where he would end up if he came to Florida.

“They want me to come out and play left tackle, or any tackle,” he said. “But, they also said there is no real predicting where I could play because I am coming off a knee injury. They really need me to come in and push with the guys that are here and be an impact guy.”

Pertile says he remains committed to Oklahoma State, but the Gators gave him everything to think about. He will be making his final decision on Wednesday when he signs the papers to move on to the next level.

“I still consider myself committed to Oklahoma State,” he said. But, I am looking for the best possible school, the best place for me to be at. It all comes down to my success on and off the field. It is a business decision and I need to look at all angles.”

There won’t be a lot of drama involved except that he won’t let it out until the papers are signed.

“I haven’t figured all of that out,” he said about how he will let it be known. “I will sit there on signing day at (4 pm eastern) I will have the two hats out there and make the public decision and probably tweet it or something.”

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