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NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Scout today announced the launch of Scout Spotlight, the most comprehensive digital scouting platform in college sports.

A digital reimagining of the original Scout recruiting platform, Scout Spotlight is the next-generation platform for those who follow top college sports recruits, offering videos, highlights, combine results, ratings, rankings, news, analysis and more -- all easily accessible on mobile devices. The launch announcement was made today by the returning founder and CEO of Scout, James Heckman.

The new platform features the Spotlight Video series, which features more than 600 high school players around America with movie-trailer-style videos. The series marries the company's unrivalled, blanket coverage of the country with first-rate production values. It includes intimate interviews and career highlights of in-demand players, as chosen by Scout's veteran team of football scouts.

The new Scout Spotlight platform also incorporates new technologies, including a Kayak-like information filtering tool that makes it easy to compare players and schools, and a sophisticated content management system that enables Scout's journalists to report from across the country on a unified platform.

"Scout Spotlight leverages our Army of scouts across the nation with a world-class tech and video production platform," said Mr. Heckman. "Our goal is to offer something other media players can't -- a comprehensive and searchable scouting database that gives college sports fans the clearest picture possible of the future of their beloved teams."

Mr. Heckman is the founder of the original Scout, a company he sold in 2005 but reacquired last year, as well as the founder of The original idea was to create a consolidated and complete scouting information platform on top of hundreds of team-specific sites.

Said Mr. Heckman: "For major ad brands, there simply is no other place to find premium college player videos at this scale -- or matching Scout's fan passion and engagement. Compared to sites with click-bait headlines and social/search optimization trickery, we're proud that Scout's deep engagement is authentic and organic."

About Scout

Scout is a multi-channel, men-focused, media network owned by Pilot Group, Bob Pittman's investment fund. Scout's proprietary content is produced by more than 1,000 contributing experts and distributed on 300+ unique Web destinations. The company focuses on men's passions: NFL, MLB Insiders Club, fantasy sports, college football and basketball, high school recruiting, outdoors, military, history and more. Scout also has a growing consumer base of over 21 million, and its members' passions make Scout a unique and desirable partner for brands.


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