Florida players talk McElwain

Jim McElwain hasn’t had much time around his future team since taking the job at Florida. Most of his time has been spent on recruiting and building his coaching staff. However, his time around the players has them excited for the future.

Florida players met with McElwain on the morning of December 8. The meeting was short, but they were impressed with his energy. His offensive background makes it even more appealing to the players on that side of the ball.

Chaz Green, Alex McCalister and Kelvin Taylor spoke about their early impressions of the new Florida coach on Thursday.


What was your first reaction when you found out about McElwain was hired?

"I think it was great. I heard different things about him. He is supposed to be a really good offensive coach and I'm just very excited to get into his offense and start making plays."

How was the first meeting with McElwain?

"I think it was great. He told us he is going to coach us hard, help turn this thing back around and just try to be the best coach he can be. I think it was a great meeting. Everybody is just excited. The whole team is just excited for the upcoming season. We're just ready to go."

What do you think about McElwain’s background with running backs?

"I was very excited. I saw he coached Trent Richardson, Ingram, a couple of those guys. And then his last running back at Colorado State, I think he had really good yards and was pretty good. I'm just very excited. I can't wait until the offseason. I'm looking forward to having fun next year in the new offense.”

What do you think about McElwain’s offense?

“I could say he switched it up a lot. It depends on the situation in the game. He could go balanced, he could go underneath center, he could go gun. It doesn’t matter. I think he could do it all. I’m just very excited to just get in his offense and make plays. I just can’t wait.”

Does this feel like a fresh start on offense?

“Our defense played great. We’ve just got to stay very consistent with our offense and I mean we got to be very explosive. So that comes along with time and everything and just keep working, keep working at it, keep working at it. But it’s going to come along and trust me, it’s going to get fixed so I’m not worried about it.”


What was your first impression of McElwain?

“Good impressions, great first impressions. He came in, he seems like he’s ready to go. He’s out recruiting right now, so I haven’t gotten a chance to really meet him one-on-one, but I’ve heard great things and he seems like a really, really good fit for this program.”

Why is he a good fit for the program?

“He’s come from success in the past and especially on the offensive side of the ball. I think that’s something that we can definitely, definitely grow on, given our past history. I think the fact that he was at Alabama, had success there, where he came from he had success. I think it’s a great fit for us.”

What was McElwain’s message in the team meeting?

“He just said focus on the task at hand. That’s all he said to us, just make sure we get this win in this bowl game and go from there. Right now, he’s out just recruiting, but that’s what he wanted to share with us, just to make sure that we stay locked in at the task at hand.”


What was your first impression of McElwain?

“He looks like an exciting coach, honestly. We had our first meeting last Monday at 7:30 in the morning. Basically just introduced himself and told us his philosophy. Like a fun guy, not a straightforward, stern and look mean coaches. I’m ready to build a relationship with him.”

This team obviously liked Muschamp a lot. Can it embrace a new coach?

“You have to grow up. You just have to treat it like a business with a new coach, bring them in. All he can do is help us. Get us coached up and win some ball games.”

Have you had a chance to speak with new defensive coordinator Geoff Collins?

“He shot me a text last night and I texted him back. We’re going to talk right after this. I’ve seen him on Instagram, and he seemed cool. He’s cool. He’s like a normal guy. He seems like he’s into it, he’s fun. I can’t wait to meet him.”

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