5-star Cowart talks Gators staff

If first impressions are big in recruiting, the condensed Florida staff seems to have done well when talking to 5-star defensive end Byron Cowart of Seffner (Fla.) Armwood. Linked heavily to the Florida program for a couple of years now, Cowart, like most Gator prospects has had a detour of sorts because of a coaching change.

Florida head coach Jim McElwain seems to have hit it off well with Byron Cowart. He let the young man know how important he is to the future of the Gators and that he thinks the future is very bright with McElwain at the helm.

“I like him,” Cowart said of McElwain. “His pitch to me was that he has the key to success in his back pocket. He did big things , went 10-2 at Colorado State and his thing is he knows how to get it done and he wants to get it done at a top college… the University of Florida. I trust that guy and he’s a very enthusiastic and crazy guy. He knows he is getting into it late, but he is getting into it late the right way. He came at me and talked and gave me the truth. He said he wanted me here and wants me to help get the guys to help get this program in line.”

One obstacle facing Cowart at the moment in terms of Florida is that he doesn’t know who would be his position coach.

“They aren’t really talking much about it,” he said. “But I am confident in my game and I trust my coaches and they wouldn’t be working at a University if they didn’t know what they were doing. I am not going to think, I will run through a wall for that coach.

“You have to trust that coach you really don’t know, but hey, you only live once. You have to follow your heart and make a good decision.”

He has talked to the new defensive coordinator and had a text conversation with Geoff Collins on his way to the hotel on Sunday.

“I text him when I came up here and asked if I can trust him and put the next 3-4 years in his hands,” Cowart said. “He said if I do what I am supposed to do he will take me to the Promised Land. I want to be out in three years, I will be out in three years. That is my goal and I am determined. We are going to get it cranking if I do decide to go to the University of Florida.”

Cowart has also carried around a Chucky doll so far at the hotel and other areas where people have noticed. The doll is famous from horror movies and also from Gator Greats Dominique Easley and Dante Fowler who have carried the doll at Florida over the last couple of years.

“Me and Chucky have a great connection as far as he is violent and I am violent,” Cowart said. “He’s a killer, and I will probably kill who has the ball. Like I said, this is a season game for me, this isn’t a vacation. When I get on this field nothing is personal, like with Drew (Richmond), he and I are so close and it sucks some times, but I have to go full throttle and he knows it isn’t personal. The Chucky doll is tradition. I learned from Dante Fowler and Easley and those guys. I liked the tradition of it, so I went and got one.”

Stay tuned to Scout.com as we continue to cover the Cowart and the rest of the prospects at the Under Armour All-American Game festivities.

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