Podcast: Gators and More; Jan. 5

Denny Courson and Bob Redman spend a half hour talking about the finality of the 2014 season including the Birmingham Bowl. Coach McElwain has hired all but one position on his coaching staff and we discuss that at length. We also touch on the disappointing start to the basketball season.

The season is finally over and for some it couldn't get here soon enough. The Gators did go out on a positive note with the 28-20 win over East Carolina, but for the Gators it was an injury riddled contest that they had to hold onto until the end.

Florida's new head coach Jim McElwain announced the hiring of most of his staff during the podcast and we talk about that as it hit the news wire. It appears to be an excellent recruiting staff and they should have the Tampa/ Orlando and Miami areas covered. They are waiting to announce a wide receiver coach, but that should come relatively soon.

Finally we touched on the basketball team and the disappointing start to the season. Bob and Denny both expect the team to turn around eventually, but time is running out in terms of getting the quality wins to make the NCAA tournament.

Join us for this semi-weekly segment of Gators and More.

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