Lubick discounts reports of leaving for UF

It's a dangerous world, this sports news reporting can be, especially when deciphering the minds of 17 year old prospects or 17 year veteran coaches. So, hours after posting that Oregon receiver coach Matt Lubick was likely headed to Florida for the same position, he denies it shortly afterward to the media covering the national championship game.

The rumors circulated all day Monday about Matt Lubick and the possibility that he was headed to Florida to be the receiver coach for the Gators. I wrote as much during the National Championship Game between Oregon and Ohio State and Oregon when I was told the rumor was indeed true.

Then of course comes the moment of truth and Lubick is in front of the microphones of the media following the contest and is asked about the possible job switch.

When asked if he was leaving Oregon for the receiver position, Lubick said, "no, nothing to that." Furthermore, he responded with a "yes" when asked if he planned to coach at Oregon next season.

We have no reason to disbelieve Lubick when asked straight up, nor do we disbelieve our sources, but something changed or something isn't set in stone just yet. This is also something we alluded to in the previous story that could happen.

So, we will continue to monitor the situation and we do believe that the new receiver coach at Florida will be hired very soon. Until then, we will keep reporting what we hear and believe.

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