Gators Defensive Prospect Trends (1/28)

We focus on defense in this segment of the Gators’ recruiting trends. Florida is looking to close strong along the front and the numbers are mighty low at linebacker and in the secondary, but they hope they can hit on the few guys that are there for the taking. Here is a look at how I believe things are trending with these various defensive prospects


Quite a few names have dropped off the ‘pursuit’ board in the last week as far as the defensive line. One of them actually committed to the gators in Jabari Zuniga, and that was a big get. Now the Gators are in pursuit of some monsters like CeCe Jefferson and Byron Cowart, to go along with some relatively new prospects to the board like Kahlil Welsh, Luke Ancrum, and G.G. Robinson. Here is the latest on each.
Kahlil Welsh Recruiting Stock Meter:

There is no offer yet for Welsh. He comes in this weekend and I imagine if he passes the eyeball test with the staff as a whole they could push that button. This may be one that they wait until signing day to figure things out as well, but this weekend's official visit is a big one.

Luke Ancrum Recruiting Stock Meter:

Ancrum just received an offer Monday and is excited to come to Gainesville. At 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds he has the frame to add a lot of weight and they believe he will grow to an inside prospect. Either way, they like his athleticism as a basketball player and a guy that big to offer him a scholarship. Things would have to go pretty wrong this weekend for Ancrum not to pull the trigger in my opinion.

Byron Cowart Recruiting Stock Meter:

Don’t let the up arrow fool you into believing I think he is headed to Florida at this point. I just believe things are heading in the right direction. His last in-person meeting with Muschamp is today and that will be a big hurdle to get over. I do think a lot of ground has been made up and more than anything great from this direction, I think it has been more a realization of where he thinks he belongs. I still think they have to make sure to win mom over and not sure if that has been done yet. Mom is very key in Byron’s recruitment and I would believe that being two hours away rather than seven hours away will be a big deal before all is said and done.

CeCe Jefferson Recruiting Stock Meter:

Nothing that has transpired lately, including dad wearing Ole Miss gear to a local basketball game Tuesday, has deterred me from thinking this one is heading in the right direction and always has been. Jefferson spent a ton of time on campus Tuesday at Florida, more than people know. You may or may not hear much about it. That is okay. He visits LSU this weekend, everyone will have him pegged there after he leaves. That’s ok. I heard great info Tuesday night that has me staying the course and even more on this one. Let me also add this… I can see where the Florida staff might not be so confident in this one, most have been here less than a month and barely know the family and everything. All of these trips everywhere can’t be confidence builders.

G.G. Robinson Recruiting Stock Meter:

This one got real tricky Tuesday night when Auburn came in the door with the offer. He remains committed to Louisville and he was set to visit Florida this weekend. He is an Auburn legacy and could very well visit the Tigers instead. Until he confirms that he is still visiting Florida, this one has to go the other direction for me.


The Gators signed zero linebackers a year ahgo and so signing three is almost a necessity. They have one solidly committed in Rayshad Jackson, but they need to get two more of the following and it won't be easy. Adonis Thomas, Richard McBryde, Jordan Griffin, and Jeff Holland round out the prospects we know of that are on still on the board and not committed to the Gators.

Adonis Thomas Recruiting Stock Meter:

Coach Collins was in to talk to Thomas on Tuesday. Although I think it would be best if he visited Florida, that may not happen and I don’t think it would be a deal breaker. I know there are some things that the Gators can offer that others aren’t right now. He has to really think about this. I am waiting to talk to his coach as I write this, but for now we are staying on an even keel.

Richard McBryde Recruiting Stock Meter:

The confirmation of the visit is big here. He is a kid that is very hard to get a hold of, so we can’t get much out of him. I truly don’t believe he will stick with Auburn and I believe Florida’s last visit can be a big thing.

Jordan Griffin Recruiting Stock Meter:

Nothing has changed that I know of here. I think if Florida offers he would come. I think Florida should offer, but that isn’t my decision. I believe at the end of the day they will need a linebacker and try and go get him.

Jeff Holland Recruiting Stock Meter:

We all know that Jeff Holland was leaning towards Auburn in a big way. Now I wonder if he may be having a bit of buyer’s remorse. He’s been trying to visit Florida late in the process and other things that make you wonder. In no way am I saying that he is headed to Florida at this time, but I don’t mind making this a little bit of an upswing after being so far down.


It is a little bit different scenario at defensive back. Florida feels comfortable with the two deep on the roster, but they are light on numbers in the secondary. That means guys with talent like Chris Williamson, Rashad Fenton, and Montrell Custis may not start in year one, but they have a great shot at playing time.

Chris Williamson Recruiting Stock Meter:

We got a note on our insider message board that North Carolina is a big one for Williamson. I can’t argue that. There are some real obstacles for him to start at Florida very early in his career because of the talent here, but the lack of numbers at the position certainly point to the possibility of playing anyway. I am hearing conflicting stuff on this one and this is a position that has been very hard to recruit all year long anyway, so we will remain not so optimistic here at the moment with the chance to change over the weekend.

Rashad Fenton Recruiting Stock Meter:

Coach Mac goes in home in the next two days and we are now hearing that this is one they really want. I am going to change my stance on him because he has remained open and things are coming down to the wire.

Montrell Custis Recruiting Stock Meter:

The Alabama commitment is supposedly looking for a new home. He will visit this weekend and that is a good thing. Florida would like to sign a safety of quality in this class and there are no others that I know of that have a real chance at this point. The visit is a really good thing.

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