Podcast: Gators and More; Jan. 29

The Florida basketball team had one of their biggest wins of the year on Tuesday and we talk about if it could be a stepping stone to finish the season. The football program is in the middle of trying to finish with a flurry in recruiting. Things are out to get exciting in that respect.

Bob Redman and Denny Courson discuss the prospects of a Florida basketnball team that picked themselves off the mat a little bit on Tuesday. An exciting 52-50 win over Alabama on the road lends a little light to a season that was starting to go downhill fast. We discuss what that one win could mean to this group.

On the football recruiting front, we continue to wait on a flurry of good news and are expecting a huge weekend from this Gator football team. The numbers seem desperately low at this point, but Bob and Denny discuss the probability of a huge flurry of commitments between Sunday and Wednesday of next week.

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