Offensive problems limiting Florida

Coming into this year, Florida coach Billy Donovan didn’t think scoring would be a problem for his team.

Sitting 11th in the Southeastern Conference in points per game, Florida’s offense has been the issue for this team. The Gators have crossed the 70-point mark just once in the last nine games, and playing without Michael Frazier for the last two games has only made the issues worse.

There are enough scorers on the roster to still help the Florida offense improve. The issue is none of them have proven consistently that they can carry the load.

“This team's had some struggles,” Billy Donovan said about his offense. “I think you look at the consistency part.”

Devin Robinson showed he could be the player that took over, scoring 14 points in Frazier’s first game out. However, the freshman wasn’t able to build on that game and didn’t score in 21 minutes at Texas A&M on Saturday. Add in an 0-7 day from Kasey Hill and a 1-5 performance from Chris Chiozza, and the Gators got limited point production from the point guard position.

After shooting 21 percent from the three-point line in the previous six games, Eli Carter got hot on Saturday and carried the team. He went 9-17 from the field for a season-high 22 points in 33 minutes of action. But that big game came after just nine points at Ole Miss in the game before, limiting Donovan’s confidence that his guard can carry it over into the next few games.

“We've had some inconsistencies shooting the basketball and scoring the basketball,” Donovan said. “I think it's probably been well-documented in terms of the low-post presence of somebody to throw the ball inside to. We have thrown the ball inside a little bit more, but we haven't really gotten great production there. We are limited and have a difficult time scoring."

Despite the struggles, Donovan insists that his team isn’t letting frustrations get in the way of growing. He said last week that Hill has spent extra time watching film and learning how to read defenses, and the players are still working hard in practice.

"I’ve said all along this is a good group,” Donovan said. “I think as a coach, I've got to help them get better, and I'm committed to try to do that and work with them. I don't think there's any finger-pointing at all. I don't feel like 'jeez, they've given up.' I don’t sense that there’s frustration, certainly I think there’s disappointment. I think there’s probably surprise, considering how they came into the season and how they felt about our team. But I don’t get a sense at all that they’re frustrated. I don’t sense that at all from them.”

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