Podcast: Gators and More; Feb. 20

The NCAA passed down judgement Friday on a najor infraction of the rules committed by former Florida assistant coach Joker Phillips. We talk about it at length in the latest Gators and More podcast.

Bob Redman and Denny Courson go another round on our latest edition of the Gators and More Podcast as we discuss the big news on Friday of the NCAA's conclusion to the recruiting rules violation by Joker Phillips from last January.

It is the first "major" violation of the rules for the gator football program under the watch of Jeremy Foley as athletic director. We will give you our views on the rule that was broken, the stupidity of the act, and how we think Florida rea cted in the situation.

We also talk about the Florida basketball team that got back on the winning track on Wednesday and the baseball team that heads into a huge series with Miami this weekend.

Come check out the latest edition of our Gators and More podcast.

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