Podcast: Gators and More; Feb. 27

Spring practice for the Florida football team is right around the corner and we will discuss. The basketball team continues to struggle and now the O'Connell Center fixes won't take place for another year. All of that and more on the newest Gators and More Podcast.

Billy Donovan continues his search for win number 500 and it isn't exactly looking like it is a given ads the end of the season winds down. The basketball team continues to struggle on the offensive side of the court with too many players just not being able to put the ball in the basket.

Meanwhile the O'Connell Center was due to more of a complete body makeover than just a little face lift and now that makeover is going to be postponed for another season. This isn't a good thing for the basketball program that will have to shuffle it's early season schedule in 2016 like they did for this year. Things will get done, but it is another setback for Florida facilities upgrades.

We are also just a couple of weeks away from the start of spring football practice. While none of the practices will be open to the public, it will be good to just know that the squad is preparing to rid themselves of the stink from the last couple of years.

Bob and Denny discuss all of this and more in the latest edition of the gators and More podcast.

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