Signee Spotlight: Ancrum brings versatility

At 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds Luke Ancrum is a formidable foe on the football field. The Sebring (Fla.) High School defensive lineman is a dual sport athlete that plays basketball and his size and athleticism pushed Florida over the top in offering him.

For Luke Ancrum it was an easy choice. He had offers from several schools not among the power-five conferences, but nothing from in-state and nothing at the level of Florida. But, the gators were looking for an athletic big man with promo size and liked the thought that Ancrum could be a guy that plays outside or in. He liked Florida period.

“They have everything I need,” Ancrum said when asked why he picked Florida. “They have a great school and academic program. Florida was my biggest choice and I didn’t want to miss on the opportunity.”

In turn the Gators also get a future player that shouldn’t disappoint on the field or off.

“I am a good student and my grades tell the truth,” Ancrum said. “I keep my grades right and keep my nose clean. I’m not like the ordinary teenager. I bring aggressiveness, hard work, and dedication.”

Sebring head coach LaVaar Scott has seen a lot of quality athletes in his time as a football coach and knows that Florida is getting a good one.

“More than anything he’s a great kid to have in the locker room,” Scott said shortly after Ancrum signed with Florida. “He’s a leader and very hard worker. He’s a kid that has a lot of untapped talent and a bright future. He’s just growing into his body and has a lot of growing to do. He’s a young kid. I think his upside is great.”

Ancrum plays center for the Sebring basketball team and eats up the middle paint bringing down double digit rebounds and swatting balls like he is playing tennis. Scott thinks the basketball ability is big in his development on the football field as well.

“From the basketball standpoint, defense in basketball helps you with your footwork in football,” Scott said. “The feet movement really helps our guys. That is why a lot of football coaches saw him play basketball and saw that he was agile.”

One aspect of getting Ancrum is the possibility of him growing into an interior lineman. Coach Scott sees it as a real possibility.

“It’s hard to say (how big he will get) with him being 17 and in his first year in high school and not in the weight room much, now that he is serious, I see him putting on 10 pounds of muscle in no time,” Scott said. “I can see him stepping on campus at 260. If they can slow him down I can see him top off at 285 and they will have to figure out where he will play.”

And when he settles on a weight and a position, that athletic ability can take off.

“He is a high motor kid and a smart kid,” Scott said. “He is so long that he takes up a lot of room. The first year we had him at end and he learned it and the next year we put him at 3-technique. As the year went on he got better and better. It showed his versatility and the ability to play inside and outside.”

A true sleeper in the 2015 class, Luke Ancrum looks to have his best years ahead of him, even if we don’t exactly know exactly where he will spend those years at a particular position.

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